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N-Chloropyrazinamide Oxidation of Aliphatic Primary Alcohols: A Kinetic Study

S. Parimala Vaijayanthi and N. Mathiyalagan

N-Chloropyrazinamide Oxidation of Chalcones: Kinetics And Mechanistic Studies

S. Parimala Vaijayanthi and N. Mathiyalagan

Molecular simulation of Phase Equilibria:CO2+N2 and CO2+O2

Savan R. Patel

Quantum Chemical Studies on ZrN Nanostructures

V. Nagarajan and R. Chandiramouli

A Spectroscopic Approach: Structural and Nonlinear Optical Properties of L- Prolinium Tartrate

M. Dinesh Raja, S. Arulmozhi,J. Madhavanand S. Senthil

Recent Avances in the Syntheses and Characterization of Polymer anchored Transition Metal Complexes

Ayman H. Ahmed
CT= 07

Genetic Code for Amino Acids using Huffman Trees

M. Yamuna, B. Joseph Sasikanth Reddy, Nithin Kumar Reddy, Paladugula Raghuram

Improvement The Efficiency Of Sphingomonas Paucimobilis To Produce Gellan Gum By Genetically Approach

A. G.Attallah, S. K. Abd-El-Aal, S. A. Ibrahim and M.A. El-Sayd

Electrochemical and Quantum Mechanical Aspects of Electroless Copper Plating Process

G.Sundaramali, P.A.Jeeva, Narayanan, S.Karthikeyan

Synthesis, Spectral and Antimicrobial Investigation of some Ternary Schiff Base Transition Metal Complexes

Badma Priya D,Santha Lakshmi S

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