International Journal of ChemTech Research

ISSN : 0974-4290

Jan – March 2009 Vol.1,No.1


Formulation and evaluation of Gastro retentive Multiparticulate  Drug delivery system of Aceclofenac

Y. S Gattani, P. S Kawtikwar, D. M. Sakarkar   pp1-10


Evaluation of Delonix regia Raf. Endospermic mucilage as tablet binder

Kale R. H., Joshi U. M., Ambhore D. P. , Sitaphale G.R.  pp11-15


A Validated Specific Reverse Phase Liquid Chromatographic Method for the Determination of Valacyclovir in the Presence of its Degradation Products in Bulk Drug and in Tablet Dosage Form

G. D. Patil, P. G. Yeole, Manisha Puranik and S. J. Wadher   pp16-26


Synthesis and Biological evaluation of some heterocyclic derivatives of Chalcones

R. Kalirajan, S.U.Sivakumar, S. Jubie, B. Gowramma and  B. Suresh  pp27-34


Studies on Synthesis and Biological evaluation of some substituted Fluoroquinolones

Akhiles Roy1, S. M. Sardar2*, B.U.Salve2, D.D.Rishipathak3     pp35-46


Synthesis of 5,5-diphenyl-2,4-imidazolidinedione (Phenytoin) from Almond

Ashnagar, A. , Gharib Naseri, N. and Amini, M.   pp47-52


Production of Y-Junction Carbon Nanotubes by Floating Catalyst Method with a Low Cost and Highly Y- Branched Approach 

Same Yousefie, Ali Akbar Mottahedi   pp53-61

Using Oxygen Reaction as Electricity Saving in Electric Arc Furnace Steel Making

Ali Akbar Mottahedi, Saeid Amani   pp62-70


Synthesis and Characterisation of CoII Complexes of Dibasic Tetradentate (OO’ NO donor) Ligand

K.P.Srivastava,Balram Singh & Ali Akbar    pp71-79


New Co(III) mixed ligand complexes effect on the Germination and Root length of Wheat

M. M. El-ajaily, F. I. El-moshaty, R. S. El-zweay and A. A. Maihub   pp80-87


Formulation and Evaluation of Cream of Azadirachta indica   leaves extracts on Skin Renewal rate

Kamlesh J. Wadher, C. L. Lakhotia and M. J. Umekar    pp88-95


Spectrophotometric and HPLC methods for Simultaneous Estimation of Tizanidine and Valdecoxib from Tablets

Lakshmi sivasubramanian  and devarajan    pp96-102


Formulation and evaluation of novel combined halobetasol propionate and fusidic acid ointment

*Chakole C. M., Shende M. A and Khadatkar S.N.       pp103-116