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International Editorial Board

Managing Executive Editors[Dev, A & R]

Editor-in-Chief: [from 17th Feb 2018]

Dr. Men Zhu, Ph.D.,

Formulation Scientist, Verseon Corporation, Fremont,
California 94538, USA


Associate Editors
2 Juan Pablo Rodríguez Miranda

Distrital Francisco José de Caldas University. Faculty of Environment and Natural Resources. Bogota D.C. Colombia.
[Official Representative of Journal in Latin America, Colombia and the Caribbean]
3 Dr. Rajendra B. Kakde,

Professor , University Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, RTM Napur University, Nagpur, MH, India, (Former Research Scientist Cadila, Lupin, Glenmark R& D).
4 Dr. Abdellah ECH-CHAHAD, Ph.D

Professeur de l’Enseignement Supérieur Assistant Université Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah de Fès Institut National des Plantes Médicinales et Aromatiques Italy. .
5 Dr. El Sayed El Habbasha, Professor,

National Research Centre El Tahrir st., Dokki, Cairo, Egypt
6 Dafeng Chu

Postdoctoral researcher, Room 322, Pharmaceutical and biomedical sciences building, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, School of Pharmacy, Washington State University, USA.
7 Dr. Ahmed A. Abd-Rabou,

Researcher (PhD holder), Medical Biochemistry and Cancer Biology, Medical Research Division, National Research Center (NRC), Egypt. (Permanent; 2008 up to date).
Executive Editors[A & R]

Dr. Fazlul Huq,
Head Cancer Research Group, School of Medical Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, Australia.

2 Dr.Pavel Mokrejs,
Thomas Bata University,The Czech Republic, Europe.
3 Dr. Adli Abdallah Hanna,
National Research Centre, Egypt.
4 Dr. P.Y.Shirodkar,
University of Mumbai,India.
5 Dr. M. Al-Anber,
Mu´tah University, Jordan.
6 Dr.Saeid Amani,
Arak University,Iran .
7 Dr.Mitu Liviu,
University of Pitesti, Romania.
8 Dr. Nurfina Aznam,
University Negeri Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
9 Dr. Tomasz Borowski,
Centre Lab of Chem.Tech.,Poland.
10 Dr. Mas Rosemal Hakim bin Mas Haris,
School of Chemical Sciences Universiti Sains Penang, Malaysia.
11 Dr.Alamdar Ashnagar,
Pasteur Institute of Iran.
12 Dr. Abdulkareem Ismaiel Abdulraheem,
College of Health Sc.,PAAET, Kuwait.
13 Dr. Ji-Tai Li,
Hebei University, China.
14 Dr.Abdalla Shalaby,
Zigzag University,Egypt
15 Dr. Georgia Koliopoulou,
University of Athens, Athens, Greece.
16 Dr. A. A. Mottahedi ,
17 Dr. Gwendoline Ee Cheng Lian,
University PutraMalaysia, Malaysia.
18 Dr. J.V.Manwar,
GSPS.IOP, M.S.India.
19 Dr.Miss Swastika Ganguly,
Birla Insti.of Tech.,India.
20 Prof. Dr. Sbirna Simona-Liana,
University of Craiova, Romania.
21 Dr Carolyn Coulter,
University of Otago, New Zealand.
22 Dr. Konstantinos M. Kasiotis,
B P Institute, Laboratory of Pesticides Toxicology, Athens, 14561, Greece.
23 Dr. Arun HS Kumar,
University College Cork,Ireland.
24 Associate editors: Dr. M.Z. Kumbhare, M.S.India. Dr. S.R.Ninawe, M.S.India.
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