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Vol.4, No.1, Jan-Mar 2012                            CODEN(USA): IJPRIF  ISSN : 0974-4304

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Synthesis and Antimicrobial Activity of Isonitroso 4-methyl-2-pentanone (HIMP) and its dioxime derivative.


Dipak J. Garole, V.J. Garole and A.D. Sawant
PT=02 (5-14)

Girish Kumar Tripathi, Satyawan Singh


Vermicomposting as a Sustainable Practice to Manage Coffee Husk, Enset waste(Enset ventricosum), Khat waste (Catha edulis) and Vegetable waste amended with Cow Dung using an epigeic earthworm Eisenia Andrei (Bouch’ 1972).


Gezahegn Degefe, Seyoum Mengistu and Jorge Dominguez

Design and Evaluation of Carbamazepine Controlled Release Drug Delivery System.


R.Charulatha, R.Kumaravel Rajan

Efficacy of Phytochemical and Antibacterial activity of Corallocarpus epigaeus Hook.f.


Priyavardhini, S, Vasantha, K, Tresina Soris, P and Mohan, V.R.


Antifungal activity of Kedrostis foetidissima (Jacq.) Cogn.


Priyavardhini, S, Vasantha, K, Tresina Soris, P and Mohan, V.R.


Guide to Inspections of Tablet Manufacturing Facilities including Pre/Post Approval Issues as per USFDA.


K. Pranitha, N. Vishal Gupta, Shanawaz Anis, T.M. Pramod Kumar,

K. Vaishnavi

QSAR modeling of inhibitory activity of flavonoids against aldose reductase enzyme using electrotopological state atom (e-state) parameter.

Supratim Ray


Study of cytogenetical effects of chemotherapeutic agents Mitomycin C and Cisplatin on normal Somatic and Germ cells: An in vivo study.


Mehnaz Mazumdar, Sarbani Giri and  Saptadeepa Roy


Statistical Assurance of Process Validation  by Analytical Method Development and  Validation for Celecoxib capsules.


Sharma Tejal, Solanki N.S., Mahatma O.P., Singhai S.

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