Formulation Of Crystallo-Co-Agglomerates Of Naproxen: Study Of Effect Of Polymers On Drug Release

Basavaraja Genikal, Ashwini Rajendra

PT= 02


Development And Evaluation Of Lornoxicam Loaded Maltodextrin Based Proniosomes

Akhilesh Dubey and Prabhakara Prabhu

PT= 03


           A Review On Glioblastoma Multiform

 Naik P.P., Somani R. R., Shirodkar P.Y., Wagulde S., Juvatkar P., Kale M.K.Naik



An Extensive Insight On Physico-Chemical Characterization Of Hot-Melt Coating Excipients

Suresh G. Sudke, Dinesh M. Sakarkar

PT= 05


Antimicrobial and In -Vitro Drug Release Studies of Microencapsulated Terminalia chebula extract finished Fabric

 R.rathinamoorthy and G.Thilagavathi

PT= 06


Lagerstroemia Species: A Current Review

Mohit Kotnala, G.S Chakraborthy, Avijit Mazumder



Immunostimulatory Effect Of Aqueous Extract Of Leucas aspera In Cyclophosphamide Induced Immunosuppressive Mice

 S.Stalin, P.Sampath Kumar

PT= 08


Effect Of Tecoma stans Leaves For Its Preventive Role On Experimentally Induced Liver Toxicity

Shanmukha I, Vijay Kumar M, Ramachandra Setty S

PT= 09


Comparison Of Global Regulatory Approvals For Biosimilar Products

Sruthi Konangi, M.N. Raviteja, N. Vishal Gupta


A Review On Benefit-Risk Assessment In Drug Development

 Sravani Angaru, N.Vishal Gupta, A.kailash Kumar


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