Phytochemical Investigation Of Aerial Parts Of Canna indica Collected From Uttarakhand India

R.K. Bachheti, GS Rawat, Archana Joshi, D.P. Pandey



Endophytic Fungus Isolated From Zingiber zerumbet (L.) Sm. Inhibits Free Radicals And Cyclooxygenase Activity

Kh. Nongalleima, Amitabha Dey, Lokesh Deb, C.B. Singh,Biseshwori Thongam, H. Sunitibala Devi, S.Indira Devi.



 In vitro Anthelmintic Activity Of Wrightia tinctoria

 Rajalakshmi G.R., Jyoti Harindran



Effect of 1-(4-chloro-phenylazo)-naphthalen-2-ol and 2-[1-(4-Chloro-phenylimino)-ethyl]-phenol with Cu(II), Ni(II), Zn(II), Co(II) and Mn(II) ions on Bacterial growth

 M. Usharani, E. Akila and R. Rajavel



Hypoglycemic Activity Of Ethanolic Extract Of Aphyllorchis montana Induced By Streptozocin In Rats

Sreenu Thalla, K.Venkata Ramana, Jyothibasu Tammu, Delhiraj Napa



Preliminary Phytochemical Analysis Of Illicium verum and Wedelia chinensis

 Merina Paul Das, S. Selva Kumar



Evaluation Of Hypoglycemic And Antihyperglycemic Effects Of Acacia tortilis Seed Extract In Normal And Diabetic Rats

 Neeraj K.Agrawal, Uma Gupta



Antiulcer Activity Of Methanolic Extract Of Physalis minima Leaves

Jyothibasu Tammu, K.Venkata Ramana, Sreenu Thalla



A New, Simple Colorimetric Method For Assaying Diosmin, And Flavonoids In Daflon Tablets And Orange Peel Extracts 

S. A. Mir, A. A. Ahangar, A. S. Bhat



Optimized In Vitro Methods For Generating Superoxide Anion From Hydroxylamine, And Their Response To Flavonoids, Curcumin And Ascorbic Acid

 S. A. Mir, A. S. Bhat, A. A. Ahangar


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