RACE-2014 [12th -13th July 2014] SPECIAL ISSUE

Recent Advances in Chemical Engineering-2014

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Iron Nanoparticles Blended Polyethersulfone Ultrafiltration Membranes for Enhanced Metal Ion Removal in Wastewater Treatment

K. Rambabu, S. Velu


Hydrodynamic Studies on Air-Inducing Impeller System

C.Gomadurai, K.Saravanan, Eldho Abraham and N. Deepa


Comparative Study on Kinetic Parameters for Tranesterification of Pongamia and Cotton Seed Oil

N. Jaya & B. Karpanai Selvan


Studies on Design of Bio Semi Fluidized Bed Reactor

K.Kalaivani & K.Saravanan


Studies on Mixing Characteristics of Non Newtonian Fluids using Static Mixer

D.Revathi, K.Saravanan


Analysis of Chemical Cleaning of Reverse Osmosis Membrane Fouled by Textile Wastewater

R.Baskar, C.Gomadurai and S.Subraja


Optimization of Design Parameters in Circulating Fluidized Bed for Food Materials using Response Surface Methodology

Ms.Deepa Priya.Nand, Dr.Saravanan.K 


Fabrication of Nano Structured Slow Release Fertilizer System and its Influence on Germination And Biochemical Characteristics of Vigna Raidata

A.S.Ruby Celsia  and R.Mala


Extraction and characterization of proteolytic enzymes from fish visceral waste: Potential applications as  destainer and dehairing agent

B. Sabtecha, J.Jayapriya and  A.Tamilselvi


Biodiesel Production from Pongamia pinnata Oil using Synthesized Iron Nanocatalyst

Mookan Rengasamy, Krishnasamy Anbalagan, Sundaresan Mohanraj, Velan Pugalenthi

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