MESCon- 2014 [04th & 05th September 2014] SPECIAL ISSUE

National Conference on Material for Energy Storage and Conversion- MESCon 2014 

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Study on new lithium ion conducting electrolyte based on Polyethylene glycol – p-tertoctyl phenyl ether and Lithium Perchlorate

S.Abarna, G.Hirankumar


The Influence of Temperature and Sonication on the Preparation of Doped Polymeric Nano Particles

E.JasmineVasantha Rani, K.Karthika, N.Saranya, R.Padmavathy

Structural and Optical Behaviour of Thermally Evaporated   p-Type Nickel Oxide Thin Film for Solar Cell Applications

M.Vignesh Kumar, S. Muthulakshmi, A.Alfind Paulfrit, J.Pandiarajan, N.Jeyakumaran, N.Prithivikumaran

(5178-5186) Influence of Plasticizer on a PEO based K+ ion conducting Polymer electrolyte system for Battery applications


K. Vijaya Kumar,   N. Krishna Jyothi and G. Sunita Sundari  

Tailoring the Subunits of Ubiquinol Oxidase of Acetobacter aceti with Molecular Engineering Approach towards Microbial Fuel Cell Application

R.Navanietha Krishnaraj


Optical dispersion characterization of NiO thin films prepared by nebulized spray technique 

V. Gowthami, M.Meenakshi, P. Perumal, R. Sivakumar, C. Sanjeeviraja


Enhancement of ionic conductivity of Poly (vinylidene fluoride-hexafluoropropylene) based solid polymer electrolyte by the incorporation of 1-methyl-3-propylimidazolium iodide

S.Jeya,  S. Jayanthi,  A.Arulssankar,  B. Sundaresan


Comparison of filler free and nano composite polymer electrolyte in the discharge characteristics of proton battery

C. Ambika , G. Hirankumar, S. Karthickprabhu, R. S. Daries Bella


FTIR, XRD and DC Conductivity Studies of Proton Conducting Gel Polymer Electrolytes based on Polyacrylonitrile (PAN)

N. Krishna Jyothi, K. Vijaya Kumar, P. Narayana Murthy,


Synthesis of titanium dioxide nanostructures and their effects on current-voltage (I-V) performance in dye sensitized solar cells

R. Govindaraj, M. Senthil Pandian, P. Ramasamy, Sumita Mukhopadhyay

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