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(2240-2246) Effect on the structural stability and electronic properties of impurity substituted sodium selenide nanostructures A quantum chemical study


V. Nagarajan and R. Chandiramouli
(2247-2254) Manufacturing (Lithium-Sodium) Lubricant Grease Based On Syrian Base Oil And studying Its Physical, Chemical, And Rheological Properties

Shafeek Buhlak, Basela Ibrahim and Manal Alhamoui 

(2255-2262) Microwave Induced Reaction for Synthesis of Novel Polymer Based on Fumaric Acid and Glycerol

Suhas Shinde, K. V. Koranne, V.Y.Karadbhajne, B.B. Gogte

(2263-2270) Application of Cissus quadrangularis Linn. (Hadjor) in Nutraceutical Food (Bakery) Products

S. V. Karadbhajne, V. Kumbhare, M. A. Bombaywala


Green synthesized of silver nanoparticles using Canna indica leaf extract and its characterization

Veera Babu Nagati, Raju Nalvothula, Rama Koyyati, PratapRudra Manthur Padigya


Novel possibility for utilization of Mahua deoiled cake to prepare low cost activated carbon


V.N.Ganvir, Prasad R. Dhanorkar

(2283-2290) The pollution of tree leaves with heavy metal in Syria

Rita Sabry Mansour


Synthesis, Characterization and Antimicrobial Study of Some 3d Metal Complexes of Sulfadoxine

Shruti S. Sarwade, W.N. Jadhav, B.C. Khade and B.R. Arbad 


Spectrophotometric determination of Vanadium with Acetophenone 2, 4-Dihydroxy Thiosemicarbazone

Paritosh Rana, Rama Lokhande, Shirish Pitale, Suhas Janwadkar, Dilip Yadav  


SU8 nanocomposite photoresist with enhanced thermal conductivity

V Velmurugan, J P Raina 


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