ICONN- 2015 [04th & 06th February 2015] SPECIAL ISSUE

International Conference on Nanoscience and Nanotechnology - ICONN 2015 

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Catalytic influence of Mo/SBA-15 towards the transesterification reaction using waste cooking palm oil 

M. Shanmugam, A. Abilarasu and T. Somanathan

(504-509 Compressive strength and Scanning electron microscopy studies on Nanosilica admixtured cement mortar



Corrosion and biodegradability evaluation of magnesium substituted porous hydroxyapatite/polyethylene dioxy thiophene bilayer coating on 316l stainless steel for orthopaedic applications 

S. Ramya, D. Rajeswari, M. Palanisamy, D. Gopi and L. Kavitha

Corrosion resistance of mild steel in acidic environment; Effect of Peltophorumptetocarpum extract

B. Priyadarshini,  S. Mary Stella,  Arul Xavier Stango, B.Subramanian, U.Vijayalakshmi 


Effects of Microwave Heating of Human Blood in presence of Composite Materialsat 915 MHz

Kshitij Tewari, Sajal Agarwal

Electrodeposition of Cerium Substituted Hydroxyapatite Coating on Passivated Surgical Grade Stainless Steel for Biomedical Application

S. Sathishkumar, A. Karthika,  M.Surendiran, L. Kavitha and D. Gopi


Microwave Hydrothermal Synthesis and Electromagnetic properties of Nanocrystalline Y3-xDyxFe5O12 garnets for microwave antenna applications

T.Ramesh, P.Raju, R.S.Shinde and S.R.Murthy


Role of Titanium Oxide Nanoparticle on Heavy Metal Reduction in Electroplating Waste Water Treatment

J.S. Sudarsan, K.Prasanna, Dr.G.Baskar, Radhika Babu George


Study on Micro Structural Behavior and Strength Characteristics of Ultra Fine Fly Ash as a Secondary Cementitious Material with Portland Cement 

L. Krishnaraj, P.T. Ravichandiran, R. Annadurai, P.R KannanRajkumar


Synthesis and Crystal Structure of Methyl-2-hydroxy ferrocenyl methyl acrylate

B. Gunasekaran, S. Kathiravan, R. Raghunathan, V. Manivannan

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