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Impact of Feldspar Acidulation on Potassium Dissolution and Pea Production

Wafaa Seddik M.A. and Mona A. Osman


Hybrid Chaos Synchronization of Rikitake Two-Disk Dynamo Chaotic Systems via Adaptive Control Method


Sundarapandian Vaidyanathan

Innovative Method to improve the Efficiency of Combined Wastewater Treatment Plant

Enas M. AbouTaleb, Ahmed Abd El-Aziz, Mahrashan Abdel Gawad, Alaa Abdel Aziz and Mohamed Osama EL-Tawabty


Optimizing Growth of "Picual" Olive Seedlings by Using Organic and Biofertilizers as Soil Application under Greenhouse Condition

Merwad M. A., Nemat M. Awad, M. F. M. Shahin and Laila, F. Haggag


Effect of Algae, Humic Acid and Waste Organic Material in Culture Media on Growth Performance of "Picual" Olive Seedlings

Genaidy E. A. E., M. A. Merwad and Laila F. Haggag


Effect of Mineral and Bio-fertilization on Vegetative Growth, Leaf Mineral Contents and Flowering of Manzanillo Olive trees


Abd-El-Hamed N., H.S.A. Hassan, Laila F. Haggag and A. M. Hassan


Effect of mineral and bio-fertilization on yield and fruit quality of Manzanillo Olive trees


Abd-El-Hamed, N., Laila F. Haggag, H.S.A. Hassan, A. A. Abdelhafez3 and A. M. Hassan


Impact of Amino Acids, Vinasse and Humic Acid as Soil Application on Fruit Quality and Quantaty of " Kalamata " Olive Trees.

Shahin M.F.M., E. A.-E. Genaidy and Laila F. Haggag


Effect of cobalt on growth and yield of fenugreek plants

Nadia Gad; Nagwa M.K. Hassan


A Validated FTIR Method for the Quantification of Clonidine Hydrochloride in Bulk and Tablet Formulation

S. J. Wadher, T. M. Kalyankar, M. P. Puranik and Swami Jayshri


Application of Forward/Reverse Osmosis Hybrid System for Brackish Water Desalination using El-Salam Canal Water, Sinai, Egypt, Part (2): Pilot Scale Investigation

Rania Sabry, A. G.Gadallah, Sahar S. Ali, Hanaa M. Ali, Hanaa Gadallah


Effect of growth regulators on in vitro production of Hyoscyamus aureus L. and tropane alkaloids

Khater M.A. and M.M.A. Elashtokhy


Moringa oleifera leaf extract improves growth, physio-chemical attributes, antioxidant defence system and yields of salt-stressed Phaseolus vulgaris L. plants

Safi-naz S. Zaki and Mostafa M. Rady


Response of Foliar Spraying with Amino Acids and Integrated use of Nitrogen Fertilizer on Radish (Raphanus sativus L.) Plant

Doaa M. Abou Basha and H.I. El-Aila


Global Chaos Synchronization of Duffing Double-Well Chaotic Oscillators via Integral Sliding Mode Control


Sundarapandian Vaidyanathan


Comparison between Different Sources of Potassium and Proline in Mitigating the Effects of Salinity on Two Varieties of Cantaloupe

Salama Y.A.M.


Microwave Assisted Extraction of Watermelon Rind Pectin

Indah Hartati and Endah Subekti


Modelling and simulation of displacement in liquid chromatography using characteristics of industrial columns for the insecticide Malathion

Jorge Eliecer Buitrago Salazar, Olga Lucia Ramos Sandoval, Dario Amaya Hurtado


Evaluation of in vitro antioxidant activity of rhizome extract of Drynaria quercifolia L.

G Prasanna and R Anuradha


Lignin Removal from Sugarcane Leaves Lignocellulose using Sodium Hydrogen Sulfite as Glucose Enzymatic Hydrolysis Feedstock

Jimmy, Tri Poespowati, Sidik Noertjahjono


Green Synthesis and Spectroscopic characterisations of gold nanoparticles using invitro grown hypericin rich shoot cultures of Hypericum hookerianum

Manoj L, Vinita Vishwakarma


Development of modelling equations for the removal of Nickel (II) from aqueous solutions

G.Babu Rao, M. Krishna Prasad, Ch.V.R.Murthy


Statistical study using multiple regression model in reverse osmosis

Selvi S.R., R Baskaran


Growth Promotion of indigenous Scenedesmus dimorphus strain under different conditions using stirred tank photobioreactor


Okkou H, Naddaf M, Alinizam A, Azmeh M F


A Spectrophotometric determination of Amlodipine Besylate (AMB) in Pharmaceutical Preparations using Gresol Red (GR) Reagent

Rozana Badran, Mohammed Jamal Al-khateeb


Modeling of Solar Irradiance, Energy requirement for Microalgae CO2 Sequestration Using MATLAB-Simulink

Sudharshan K, Sudhakar K


Microwave Assisted Synthesis of Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles


M. Thamima and S. Karuppuchamy

In vitro evaluation of six tomato genotypes for water stress

Solaf Bredy, Safaa Najla, Fahed Albiski


Design and Simulation of Microactuator using Phase Change Liquid for Drug Delivery System

N.Raja Rajeswari, P.Malliga, B.K.Gnanavel


Optimization of sliding wear parameters of nano graphite reinforced Al6061-10TiB2 hybrid composite using response surface methodology

C. M. Anand partheeban, M. Rajendran, and P.Kothandaraman

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