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Investigation of Photo-Catalytic Activity of TiO2- Graphene Composite in Hydrogen Production by Method of Water Splitting

Lalith Kumar B, Bhoopathy B G, Siddharthan A, Kanmani S 


3-D Porous Metal Structure Preparation by a Template Method of Electroless Plating Process for the Application of Exhaust Filter

Lalith Kumar B, Bhoopathy B G, Ranjith Raja R, Siddharthan A 


Size dependent magnetic properties of BiFeO3 nanoparticles: A multifunctional material for saving energy

S.V. Vijayasundaram and R. Kanagadurai  


Synthesis of Novel phenoxy - isobutyric acid derivatives, Reaction of ketone under Bargellinic reaction conditions

K. Nagan Nirmalan, N. Ramalakshmi 


Synthesis, Characterization, Biological Evaluation and Antibacterial Activity of some Heterocyclic Fluorene Compounds Derived from Schiff Base

Thawra Ahmad, Farouk Kandil and Chahid Moustapha 


Effect of butanol addition on Performance and Emission Characteristics of a DI diesel engine fueled with Pongamia-Ethanol blend.

R.Senthil, E.Sivakumar, R.Silambarasan 


Synthesis and characterization of neoteric green solvent 1-benzylimidazolium cation based brønsted acidic ionic liquids

Janarthanan Porkodi, Elango Kandasamy 


Synthesis and structural characterization of 1-propyl benzimidazolium based acidic ionic liquids with some counter anions

Janarthanan Porkodi, Elango Kandasamy 


Effect of Sulfuric Acid Treated Recycled Aggregates on Properties of Concrete

Manoj. B and Saravanakumar.P 


Synthesis, characterization and biological evaluation of novel Indole- mannich bases containing azetidin-2-one and thiazolidin-4-one moieties

P.Ashokgajapathiraju, L.K.Ravindranath, J.Sreeramulu 

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