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Kinetics onBiosolubilization of Copper from Electro Plating Sludge: Effect of Agitation Speed

Sundramurthy Venkatesa Prabhu, Pugazhendhi Karthikeyan,Saminathan Harish 


Experimental Investigation on Thedielectric Performance of Silicone Rubber Nanocomposites

K. AmarnathReddy, S. Mohamed Ghouse 


Influence of Hybrid Polymeric Fibers on Flexural Strength of M30 Grade Concrete

Mohit Dwivedi 


Evaluation of antimicrobial activity of silver nanoparticles synthesized by green rout

Hitesh Narayan, Sadhana Singh Sagar, Rajesh Kumar 


Optical and Electrical Properties of Sol-Gel Synthesized Calcium Copper Titanate Nanopowders.

P. Thiruramanathan, A. Marikani, D. Madhavan 


Optimization of Conditions for the Formation of Lipase Enzyme From Aspergillus Brown Colored Fungi Isolated from Sun Flower Oil Contaminated Soil

V.Narasimhan, B.Valentin Bhimba 


Experimental Study on Utilization of Bottom Ash to Stabilize Expansive Soil Subgrades

C.Rajakumar, T.Meenambal 


Syntheses and Characterization of Polystyrene-anchored Coordination Complexes

Dinesh Kumar, Amit Kumar and Durga Dass 


Modified reductive expansion synthesis (M-RES) for the production of carbon porous material from deteriorated banknotes

H Zea and MP Franco


Use of Pulverised Fuel Ash in the Manufacture of Concrete Roofing Tiles

Pardon K. Kuipa, Cledwyn T. Mangunda, Olga Kuipa, and Admire Chawatama 

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