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Effect of Thidiazuron and Oil Treatments on Dormant Break of Kanino Apricot in Warm Climates

Omaima M. Hafez, Malaka A. Saleh, M.S. El-Shamma, M.M. Naguib and S. A. Khafagy


Effect of Some Growth Regulators and Antioxidants Sprays on Productivity and Some Fruit Quality of Zaghloul Date Palm

Merwad, M.A., Eisa R.A. and E.A.M. Mostafa


Management strategy for improving the productivity of wheat in newly reclaimed sandy soil

Elham A. Badr, O.M. Ibrahim, M. M. Tawfik and Amany. A. Bahr


Response of Le Conte Pear Performance, Chlorophyll Content and Active Iron to Foliar Application of Different Iron Sources Under the Newly Reclaimed Soil Conditions

Hamouda H.A., El-Dahshouri M.F., Omaima M. Hafez * and Nagwa, G. Zahran


The effect of some natural products on storability and fruit properties of Fuerte avocado

Aml R.M. Yousef, Eman A.A. Abd El-Moniem, Saleh M.M.S.


Ascorbate-glutathione-α-tocopherol Triad Enhances Antioxidant Systems in Cotton Plants Grown under Drought Stress

Hebat-Allah Hussien, Hanaa Salem and Bahaa El-Din Mekki


Growth, yield and nutrient status of wheat plants as affected by potassium and iron foliar application in sandy soil

Hamouda, H.A., El-Dahshouri, M.F., Manal, F.M. andThalooth, A.T


Response of Okra (Hibiscus Esculantus) Growth and Productivity to Cobalt and Humic Acid Rates.


Nadia Gad, Abdel- Moez, M.R. and Hala Kandil


The effectiveness of plant essential oils and Arabic gum on the postharvest treatments of Zaghloul dates fruit during cold storage

Amin OA, El-Sharony TF and Abd-Allah ASE


Effect of the Bio-activator Milagro on Pollination Efficiency and Fruit quality of Zaghloul Date Palm Cultivar

Omaima, M. Hafez, Nagwa, S. Z., Malaka, A. Saleh, E.A.M. Mostafa, M.S. El-Shamma


Effect of Water Regime and Potassium Fertilization on Productivity of Two Chickpea (Cicer Arietinum L.) Cultivars

Amal G. Ahmed, Magda H. Mohamed , M.S. Hassanein, Nabila M. Zaki, S.F. El Habbasha, M.M. Tawifk and Manal F. Mohamed


Detecting drought tolerance of fig (Ficus carica, L.) cultivars depending on vegetative growth and peroxidase activity

Doaa, A. Darwish, El-Berry I. M, Mustafa N.S, Fatma S. Moursy Laila F. Hagagg


Impact of Organic Materials Combined with Mineral Nitrogen on Rice Growth, Yield, Grain Quality and Soil Organic Matter

Metwally, T.F.


Rice Soil Properties and Nutrients Uptake as Affected by Compost and Antioxidant Application

Abd El-Fatah S. Gharieb, T. F. Metwally, S.H. Abou-Khadrah and A. A. Glelah


Effect of waterlogging and organic matter addition on water soluble Si, pH and Eh values

Holah Sh.Sh, Abou Zeid S.T., Hanan S.Siam and M. Abdel Hady


Maximizing Available Phosphorus in Calcareous Soils by Addition Compost and Inorganic Phosphorus Forms

KadriaM. ElAzab, A.Kh. AMER, M. M. HAMAD and E. G. ABOU- ELELA


Role of Glutathione, Ascorbic Acid and α-Tocopherol in Alleviation of Drought Stress in Cotton Plants

Bahaa El-Din Mekki, Hebat-Allah Hussien and Hanaa Salem


Effect of different forms of potassium on growth, yield and fruit quality of mango cv. Hindi

Baiea M H M., El-Sharony T. F., Eman A. A. Abd El- Moneim


Effect of Zinc Application and Weed Control on Wheat Yield and Its Associated Weeds Grown in Zinc-Deficient Soil

El_Metwally I. M., M. S. Abd El- Salam, Osama A.M. Ali


Increasing the opportunities of early grape production for exportation using some protection treatments in Egypt

Hamed Mohamed El-Saeed, Hussein Fawzy Abouziena, Mohamed Salama Abd Elwahed*and Zakaria Amin Ali


Sustainable production of wheat in new reclaimed sandy soil

Magda H. Mohamed, M. M. Tawfik, Nabila, M. Zaki, M. S. Hassanein and Amal G. Ahmed

(1618-1625) Total Phenolic and Flavonoid Contents Of Pluchea indica Less Leaves Extracts from Some Altitude Habitats

Yuliani, Soemarno, Bagyo Yanuwiadi, Amin Setyo Leksono


Permeation of Acetone-Butanol-Ethanol (ABE) Using Blended Membrane PVA-Pectin

Ulfa Andayani, Jumina, Dwi Siswanta, Dandiah Mardiana


Performance and Chemical Analysis of Distilled Saline Water Production Using Solar Distillation System

M. Edwin, S. Joseph Sekhar


The Effect of Chemical Treatments and Condensation Technique in Biologically Active Substances in Grape Molasses

Mohamad Anas AL-Rouz, Tahla, M. K. Hamed, F.

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