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Application of hexaconazole to ameliorate salinity stress by inducing some antioxidant enzymes in mung bean, Vigna radiata L. plant

Safi-naz S. Zaki and Bekheta M.A.

(12-19) Assessing the performance and variability of some Sugar beet varieties using Self-organizing map artificial neural network and Cluster analysis

O. M. Ibrahim, A.A. Gaafar, Asal M. Wali and M.M. Tawfik

(20-26) Can humic acid replace part of the applied mineral fertilizers? A study on two wheat cultivars grown under calcareous soil conditions

Asal M. Wali, Elham A. Badr, Ibrahim O.M. and Ghalab E.G.


Changes the Microclimate Using Some Protection Treatments for Early Grape Production in South of Egypt

Hamed Mohamed El-Saeed, M.S. Abd Elwahed, H.F. Abouziena
and E.R. El-Desoki


Determination of nutritional value and lignocellulosic biomass of six halophytic plants grown under saline irrigation in South Sinai

Tawfik, M. M., Wafaa M. Haggag, Mirvat, E. Gobarah, M. O. Kabish and
S. F. El Habbasha


Effect of Foliar Application of Bio and Micronutrients Fertilizer on Increasing Productivity of Fenugreek Yield

Amal, G. Ahmed, Magda, H. Mohamed, Nabila, M. Zaki , M. S. Hassanein and Mirvat E. Gobarah

(54-83) Evaluation of Some Soil Conditioners by Tetra-Factorial Computer Model and Their Effects on Some Soil Chemical Properties and its Productivity.

El-Maddah E. I.; M. El-D. El-Sodany and A. A. Mahmoud.

(84-92) Finding natural alternatives to methyl bromide in greenhouse cantaloupe for yield, quality and disease control

Abdalla A. Ghoname, Gamal S. Riad, Abdel-Mohsen M. El-basiouny, Amira M. Hegazi, and Riad S. El-Mohamady


Flowers Production and Chemical Constituents of Helichrysum bracteatum Andr. as Influenced by Plant Spacing and NK Fertilization

Badawy E.M., Soad M.M. Ibrahim, Farahat M.M., NicolaS.M., SolimanD.M.


Impact of formulated Azospirillum lipoferum, Bacillus polymyxa and Nostoc muscorum on Wheat productivity

Manal A.H. El-Gamal, Hanaa A. Abo-Kora and O.N. Massoud

(114-122) Impact of treated sewage water irrigation on some growth parameters, yield and chemical composition of sunflower,Helianthus annuus L. plants

Safi-naz S. Zaki and M.M. Shaaban

(123-130) Life table of Bracon hebetor say. (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) reared on different hosts

Farag, N.A; I.A. Ismail; H.H.A. Elbehery; R.S. Abdel-Rahman and M.A. Abdel-Raheem

(131-136) Micropropagation potentiality and pigments content of Hibiscus rosa-sinensis L. as affected by gamma radiation

Kh.I.Hashish; Lobna, S. Taha and Soad, M.M. Ibrahim

(137-148) Optimization of pyocyanin production from Pseudomonas aeruginosa JY21 using statistical experimental designs

Gaber A. Abo-Zaid, Elsayed E. Wagih,Saleh M. Matar,Nader A. Ashmawy, Elsayed E. Hafez


Piercing sucking pests, growth and yield of sweet pepper cultivars as affected by alternative covers under plastic tunnel conditions.

A.Y.M. Ellaithy , M. R. Shafeek, Hoda .E. Hussein, & G. M. Abo-Elella


Response of Lettuce (Lactuca sativa L., Ice-berg cv.) Plant to Integrated use of Potassium Fertilizer

Doaa M. R. Abo-Basha, Neama M. Marzouk, Helal R. G. M.

(167-173) Usage of the nano phosphorous fertilizers in enhancing the corn crop and its effect on corn borers infestations after fungi treatments

Sabbour Magda and Hussein M.M.


Effect of Putrescine and Uniconazole on Some Flowering Characteristics, and Some Chemical Constituents of Salvia Splendens F. Plant

M.M. Kandil, Soad M.M. Ibrahaim, S.H. El-Hanafy and M.M. El-Sabwah

(187-195) Influence of some essential oils, chemical compounds and their mixtures against Ceroplastes rusci L. and Asterolcanium pustolans Cock on fig trees

Ismail I.A.; R.S. Abdel-Rahaman and M.A. Abdel-Raheem

(196-203) Maize productivity as influenced by foliar fertilizer Stimufol Amino

Hassanein M.S., Amal G. Ahmed, Nabila M. Zaki and M. Hozayn


Vase life of Solidago canadensis L. cut flowers as affected by some chemical preservatives

Lobna, S. Taha, F.E.M. El-Quesni, M.A. Darwish and E.A. El-Shereef


Scaling-up production of pyocyanin from Pseudomonas aeruginosa JY21 as biocontrol agent against certain plant pathogenic fungi

Gaber A. Abo-Zaid, Elsayed E. Wagih, Saleh M. Matar,Nader A. Ashmawy, Elsayed E. Hafez


A comparative study on reproductive and productive performance of Boer and Baladi goats raised under similar environmental conditions in Egypt

Abd-Allah S, R. Salama, M. I. Mohamed, M. M. Mabrouk, R. I. EL-Kady, A. I. Kadry and Sawsan. M. Ahmed


Evaluation of safe postharvest treatments for controlling Valencia orange green and blue moulds

Ibrahim E. Elshahawy, Sirag M. Lashin, Nehal M. Saied and Farid Abd-El-Kareem

(245-260) Using Bioproducts Made with Native Microorganisms to Limit the Damage for Some Sugar Beet Cultivars Seeds

Abdalla M.Y., Wafaa M.Haggag and Rayan M.M.

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