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Formulation and Validation of Vancomycin Liquid Fill Capsules

J.Sanjiv Mervyn, V.V Venketachallam, SatyanTorne 


Preparation and Evaluation of Orodispersable Tablets of Carbamazepine using Different Superdisintegrating Agents

Vijay Bandigari, Kiran Thadkala, Raj kumar Devara, Jithan Aukunuru 


Efficacy of Pectinase purified from Bacillus VIT sun-2 and in combination with xylanase and cellulase for the yield and clarification improvement of various culinary juices from South India for Pharma and Health Benefits

Praveen Kumar G and Suneetha V 


Heart and Lung Sounds Transmission and Analysis for Anesthetist Aid

Krithika mohanraj, K.Venkatraman  


Antimycobacterial Activity of  Glycyrrhiza Glabra Linn. Root Extract against  Mycobacterium Smegmatis

Pratap Chandran R 


Cholesterol-Lowering Potentials of Lactic Acid Bacteria with potential Probiotic Properties

MonthonLertcanawanichakul, JuthawadeeKannai,Panupong Wongmuang and SararatTharaporn 


Synthesis, characterization, molecular docking and evaluation of antimicrobial activity of some 3-heteroaryl substituted chromen-2-one derivatives

Rajesh B. Patil, Sanjay D. Sawant 


Effect of Taking Virgin Coconut Oil  to The Breast Milk Secretion and Inspection of Medium Chain Fatty Acids Contain

Rina Astuti, Siti Morin Sinaga, Effendy De Lux Putra 


Extraction of Xyloloigosaccharides by using Aspergillus niger from  orange wastes

Praveen Kumar Gupta, Pushpa Agrawal, Prabha Hegde


Activity of ethanol extract of purpleleaves (Graptophyllumpictum(Linn.)Griff.) onalloxan-induced diabetes mice

Aulia Wati*, Rahmawati, DessySehati Masawoy 

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