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Fluorescence Spectroscopic Analysis of Sodium Cholate Induced Disaggregation of Methylene Blue

Susithra Selvam 


Selection of excipients for the formulation of Ceftriaxone sodium loaded chitosan Nanoparticle through drug-excipient compatibility testing

Manimekalai P, Manavalan R 


Certain  Investigations on the Performance of  Emission, Vibration and Noise Characteristics of C.I Engine Using Bio Gas and Bio Diesel as Alternate Fuel

M. Ravi,  K.C.K Vijaya Kumar, Dr.A. Murugesan 


Evaluation of Stability of the Medicinally important compounds in Vitex Negundo plant by DFT method

Dr (mrs).G.Valli* & M.Suganya 


Anti-carcinogenic activity of Gynura procumbens Extract through Cytochrome P450 and Glutathione S-transferase

Abdul Ghofur, Iwan Syahrial Hamid, Dwi Listyorini 


In Vitro Antidiabetic Activity of “Green Tea” Soursop Leaves Brew Through α-Glucosidase Inhibition

Hardoko, Yuniwaty Halim, StevellaVerena Wijoyo 

Phytochemical screening, in vitro evaluation of antibacterial and GC-MS analysis of bioactive compounds from maeruaapetalaroth (Jacobs) (Capparaceae)

K.Akilandeswari, K. Ruckmani, M.Amudha 

Antioxidant and hypoglycaemic effects of local bitter gourd fruit (Momordica charantia)

Ee Shian T, Aminah A, Nur Kartinee K and Shahrul Hisham ZA


Assessment Of Supporting Bone Thicknesses Related To Lower Incisors/ACBCTStudy

Nibras Souliman Dayoub, Rabab Al-Sabbagh


The study of technological properties of the granulated materials based on dry oat extract and quercetin obtained by wet granulation in a fluidized bed.

Iaroslav Andriichuk 

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