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Incorporation of baker’s yeast cells as immunostimulant in feed enhance resistance of nile tilapia to Aeromonas hydrophila

Henky Manoppo,  Reiny A. Tumbol, Usy N. Manurung 


The Efficacy of Taraxacum officinale  Leaves Extract in Regulate Apoptosis, RARß2 gene and Sox2 expression on Primary Culture Human Cervical Cancer Stem Cells.

Ketut Edy Sudiarta, Satuman, Wibi Riawan,  Ketut Gede Muliartha†, Karyono Mintaroem, Aulanni’am Aulanni’am, Mulyohadi Ali


Theoretical Determination of Amino Acid Substitution Groups Using Binary String

M. Yamuna 


Comparative Prediction Of Plasma Concentration, Blood–Brain Barrier Penetration, Intestinal Absorption And Skin Diffusion Of Aceclofenac And Its Complex With Cow’s Ghee In Swiss Albino Mice

Bawankar R. D., Sakarkar D. M., Dorle A. K. 


Synthesis, Pharmacological Screening of  Ethyl (5- Substitutedacetamido)-3-Methylthio-1-Phenyl-1h-Pyrazole-4-Carboxylate As Anti-Inflammatory And Analgesic  Agents

Ajay Kumar Yadav,  K. G.Baheti and Preeti Rawat 


Removal of Colour From Textile Industry Wastewater Using Microorganism


D. Sivakumar 


Phytochemical Analysis, Anti-Arthritic and Anti-Diabetic Activities of the Leaf Extracts of Ipomoea eriocarpa

Moonjit Das, Himaja Malipeddi 


Synthesis, Growth and Characterization of L-Proline Succinate Crystal for Nonlinear Optical Applications

G. Suresh, G.Srinivasan, R.Sumalatha


Free radical scavenging activities of different fractions of Kalanchoe pinnata

Rohan Sharadanand Phatak, Anup Subhash Hendre 


Synthesis of Novel phenoxy - isobutyric acid derivatives of choline and some of its salt

N. Ramalakshmi, K. Nagan Nirmalan 


Dandelion LeavesEthanolicExtract  Induction Apoptosis on Primary Culture Human Cervical Cancer Stem Cells Through Up-regulation RARß2 Expression

Ketut Edy Sudiarta, Karyono Mintaroem, Aulanni’am Aulanni’am, and Mulyohadi Ali 


The Effect of Ginger Extract (Zingiber officinale Roscoe) on Male Leydig Cell and Testosterone Level in Carbofuran-induced Rat

Mustafa Hamed Omar Aljahawey, Setyawati Soeharto, Hidayat Sujuti


The Effect of Ginger   (Zingiber officinale Roscoe) Extract on Liver Histopathology and Alanine Aminotransferase Serum Level in Carbofuran-Induced Rats

Ahmed. G. Moh.Jabran,  Setyawati Soeharto,  Hidayat Sujuti 


Consequence of Wax Property on Drug Release Behavior of Oxcarbazepine Modified Release Granules

Koradia Hiral, Butani Shital, Gohel Mukesh  


Antimicrobacterial Activity of Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles Produced by Chemical Method Against Human Pathogens

J Premkumar, T Sudhakar, Jokutty Thomas


Stability Indicating HPLC-UV Method for Simultaneous Estimation of Pantoprazole, Domperidone and Drotaverine

Prateek Kumar Mishra, Savita Upadhyay, Avinash C. Tripathi, Shailendra K. Saraf 


Development of Dual Finished Surgical Gown

Parthasarathi V, Charmini B 


Adaptive Synchronization of Generalized Lotka-Volterra Three-Species Biological Systems

Sundarapandian Vaidyanathan


Impact of flaxseed and oil extracted from Nile Tilapia waste on rats feed on high fat diet

Medhat M., Abozid, H. E. A., Farid, and  EL-Sayed S. M 


Synchronization of 3-Cells Cellular Neural Network (CNN) Attractors via Adaptive Control Method


Sundarapandian Vaidyanathan 

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