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Vol.1, No.4, OCT-DEC 2009                             CODEN(USA): IJPRIF      ISSN : 0974-4304

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PT-1    (966-971)


A study on the effects of different surfactants on Ethylcellulose microspheres

Lalduhsanga Pachuau,  Bhaskar Mazumder




Formulation and in vitro Evaluation of Sustained Release Matrix Tablets of Metoprolol Succinate using Hydrophilic Polymers

Antesh K  Jha, Bhattacharya A  and Pankaj Verma

PT-3 (978-981)

Developmement of Mucoadhesive Buccal Patch containing Aceclofenac: in vitro Evaluations

Amit Khairnar, Parridhi Jain, Dheeraj Baviskar and  Dinesh Jain




Isolation and Evaluation of Disintegrant Properties of Fenugreek Seed Mucilage


Ravi Kumar, Swati Patil ,M. B. Patil, Sachin R. Patil, Mahesh S. Paschapur



Formulation, development and evaluation of orally disintegrating tablets by sublimation technique


Ashok Kumar, A. G. Agrawal

PT-6 (1000-1009)

Neuroprotective  Studies  of  Rubia  cordifolia  Linn.  on  β-amyloid  Induced  Cognitive  Dysfunction  in  Mice


Chitra  V.,  Pavan  Kumar  K



Anti-hyperglycemic and Anti-hyperlipidemic effect of combined plant extract of Cassia auriculata and Aegle marmelos in streptozotocin (STZ) induced diabetic albino rats.


A.Sivaraj , K. Devi ,S.palani, P.Vinoth kumar,  B.Senthil kumar , E. David



Development of Spectrophotometric Method for determination of Pravastatin Sodium in Bulk and Tablet Formulations


Balaji.S., Suman Katteboina



Nanoparticles-Tremendous  Therapeutic Potential: A Review

Amit S. Manmode, Dr.Dinesh M. Sakarkar, Nilesh M. Mahajan.



Anti-Hepatotoxic Activity of Clerodendrum phlomidis


Amita Verma and Bahar Ahmed

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