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Vol.1, No.3, July-Sept 2009                              CODEN(USA): IJCRGG      ISSN : 0974-4304

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Microencapsulation of Agar Microspherules incorporated with Solid Dispersion of Nimesulide-A Novel Approach for controlling Drug Release

K.R.Vinod, S. Sandhya, B. Bindu Madhavi, G. Arjun, M. Naga Madhu

M. Gopal Rao  and R. K. Nema

PT-2 (400-403)


Diferuloylmethane Reverses Carrageenan induced Chronic Bilateral Hyperalgesia

Atul R. Chopade, N. S. Naikwade




Evaluation of Tamarind Seed Polysaccharide (TSP) as a Mucoadhesive and sustained release component of nifedipine buccoadhesive tablet & Comparison with HPMC and Na CMC.

Bhavin Patel,    Piyush Patel,   Ashok Bhosale,  Shrawaree Hardikar,  Swati Mutha,Ganesh Chaulang




Formulation and Evaluation of Lamivudine Loaded Polymethacrylic Acid Nanoparticles

S. Tamizhrasi, A. Shukla, T. Shivkumar, V. Rathi , J. C. Rathi





New Spectrophotometric Methods for estimation of lenalidomide In Pharmaceutical formulations

B.S.Sastry, S.Gananadhamu, ‍‍S.V.S.G.B. Prasad, K. Venu Gopala Raju.




Estimation of Tamsulosin and Tolterodine in its pharmaceutical Dosage Form by Spectrophotometric Method

Nanda RK*, Gaikwad J and Prakash A





Preparation and Evaluation of Microcrystals of Cefuroxime Axetil

Nighute A. B., Bhise S. B.





Preparation and In vitro Characterization of Valsartan Solid Dispersions Using Skimmed Milk Powder as Carrier

K.Venkates Kumar, N.Arunkumar, PRP. Verma, C.Rani




Antifertility Effect And Hormonal Profile of Petroleum Ether Extract of Seeds of Cassia fistula in Female Rats

Rajesh Yadav and G. C. Jain





Facile and Simple Syntheses of  Heterocyclic Compounds Based on Pyridine and Pyrazolopyridine Derivatives

Swelam, S. A., El-Said, N. S., Aly, A. S, Abdel-Fatth, A. M.


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