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Sphinx Knowledge House(SaiSciComm) aims at receiving, processing, distributing, providing, networking of research data, inventions, findings in the subject areas Pharmaceutical Sciences, Chemical Technology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Biotechnology, Agro chemistry and applied Biosciences, coping with the time.

· Research Journals (Open access Journals, online): For publishing the original research findings through

   International Journals of high standards.

¨ International Journal of ChemTech Research.

    (ISO 3297, ISSN: 0974-4290,CODEN: IJCRGG)

¨ International Journal of PharmTech Research.

    (ISO 3297, ISSN: 0974-4304, CODEN: IJCRIF)

· Sphinx International Database:

Making of Sphinx International Database as an ideal Hub for scientists, researchers academicians, students and various users for knowledge

Know-how freely. Making of software is in progress.

· Sphinx Job Hub: Job Hub, ideal for Job seekers and employers all over the world ,open to all.

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