International Journal of  ChemTech Research 


Vol.2, No.2, April -  June 2010                                                 CODEN(USA): IJCRGG      ISSN : 0974-4290

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High - Performance Liquid Chromatography Method for the Quantification of Pantoprazole in Rat Plasma

R. Mohankandhasamy*, J. Dharuman, I. Ponnilavarasan, M. Thiagarajan 




Synthesis and Antimicrobial Activity of some New α N-Phthilimido Amino Acids Analogues


R. Srinivasan, K.Ravi Kumar, P.Prem Kumar



Dark Side of PPCP: An Unconscious Infiltration into Environment


Waghulkar V.M.



Hydroxyapatite Synthesis Methodologies: An Overview

Amit Kumar Nayak



Determination of Cypermethrin and Chlorpyrifos in Vegetables by GC-ECD


Subhash Chandra, Anil N.Mahindrakar and L.P. Shinde




Development and Validation of a Precise LC Method for the Determination of Drug Release during Dissolution profile in Pharmaceutical Formulation


Harshal K. Trivedi, Mukesh C. Patel



Synthesis and In Vitro Biological Activity of Charge-Transfer Complexes of Stavudine and its Intermediates with Chloranilic and Picric Acids


Lingappa Mallesha and  Kikkeri N. Mohana



Simultaneous Estimation of Gatiloxacin, Ornidazole and its isomer by reverse phase high performance liquid chromatography


Prachi V. kabra, Ritu V. Kimbahune, Manisha P. Puranik




Molecular Docking Studies of Some Novel Hydroxamic Acid Derivatives


Supriyo Saha, Subhasis Banerjee and Swastika Ganguly



Fabrication and evaluation of Nimesulide Azadirachta indica fruit mucilage based sustained release matrix tablets

Hindustan Abdul Ahad*, Chitta Suresh Kumar, Anil Kumar B, Amarnath Reddy B, Chandra Shekar A, Rama Krishna.G, Vamsimohan G


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