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Vol.2, No.1, Jan-Mar 2010                             CODEN(USA): IJCRGG      ISSN : 0974-4290

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RP-HPLC Method Development and Validation for Estimation of Capecitabine in Capsules


K. Ravi Kumar, CH. M.M.Prasada Rao, CH. Babu Rao, K.B.Chandra sekhar, P. Gangi Reddy



(Guest Paper) Quality Impulses for Quality Academic Monitoring

S. N. Khadatkar



Simultaneous Spectrophotometric Estimation of Atorvastatin and Fenofibrate in Bulk Drug and Dosage Form by using Simultaneous Equation Method


P. N. Dhabale, D. S. Gharge



Method Development and Validation of Stability indicating Methods for Assay of Tadalafil and Sildenafil Citrate by HPLC


N. Kannappan­­, Deepthi Yada, Divya Yada, Shashikanth, Mannavalan. R



Determination of Cefixime Trihydrate and Cefuroxime  Axetil  in  Bulk  Drug  and Pharmaceutical  Dosage  Forms  by   HPLC


K. Azhagesh Raj,  Divya Yada, Deepthi Yada, C. Prabu, S. Manikantan




Determination of Cefixime Trihydrate and Cefuroxime Axetil in Bulk Drug and Pharmaceutical  Dosage Forms by Electrophoretic Method


K. Azhagesh Raj



Efficient synthesis of bis(indol-3-yl)methanes catalyzed by silicotungstic acid under ultrasound irradiation

Ji-Tai Li, Xiao-Hui Zhang, Ya-Li Song



Phosphotungstic Acid Catalyzed Oxidation of Benzhydrols by N-Bromophthalimide-A Kinetic Study


Jagdish V. Bharad, Balaji R. Madje and Milind B. Ubale



Formulation and Evaluation of Transdermal Films of Diclofenac Sodium

Jadhav R.T., Kasture P.V., Gattani S.G., Surana S.J.





Formulation and Characterization of Alginate Microbeads of Flurbiprofen by Ionotropic Gelation Technique


A.V.Badarinath, J. Ravi Kumar Reddy,   K. Mallikarjuna Rao,

M.Alagusundaram,   K. Gnanaprakash, C.Madhu Sudhana Chetty


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