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Vol.3, No.2, APRIL-JUNE 2011                            CODEN(USA): IJPRIF  ISSN : 0974-4304

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Antifertility acitivity of ethanol extract of Dioscorea esculenta (L.) Schott on male albino rats.


P.S. Shajeela, V.R.Mohan, L. Louis Jesudas and P.Tresina Soris

Antioxidant Potential of Leaf Extract of Orthosiphon thymiflorus (Roth.) Sleensen


Sini K.R., Haribabu Y., Sangeetha P.T.


Leaf extract of Clerodendron colebrookianum inhibits intrinsic hypercholesterolemia and extrinsic lipid peroxidation


Devi R., Boruah D. C., Sharma D. K. and Kotoky J.


Formulation Development and Invitro Evaluation of Tamsulosin Hcl Extended Release Pellets


M. Anand Kumar, Dr. P. K. Lakshmi, Dr. J. Balasubramanium 


Biolgical Activities of Thiazolidine A Review


Yashshree Pandey, Pramod Kumar Sharma, Nitin Kumar, Ankita Singh


HPTLC Method for estimation of Gallic acid and Rutin in Haritaki -An Ayurvedic Formulation


Rajasekaran.A, Arivukkarasu.R. and Archana.D.



in vitro Antibacterial Activity of different extracts of Leaves of Coldenia procumbens


G. Ramakrishnan, R. Kothai, B. Jaykar, T. Venkata Rathnakumar


Isolation, Characterization, Pharmacological and Corrosion inhibition Studies of Flavonoids obtained from Nerium oleander and Tecoma stans




Anti-Inflammatory activity of Erythrina stricta Roxb. in Albino RatsN. Subhashini, S.Purnima, J.Amutha Aiswarya Devi, 

A. Thanga Thirupathi, N. Lavanya.

(1019-1022 )


Formulation and Evaluation of Miconazole Niosomes


P.U.Mohamed Firthouse, S.Mohamed Halith, S.U.Wahab,

M.Sirajudeen, S.Kadher Mohideen

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