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The spectroscopic (FTIR, FT-Raman and UV), first-order hyperpolarizability and HOMO–LUMO analysis of an Antibiotic drug.

J.Sherin Percy Prema Leela, R.Hemamalini and S. Muthu


Prediction of Tensile strength on Hybrid Composite of Basalt Fiber with Titanium Oxide, Barium Sulphate and Silicon Carbide

T. Narendiranath Babu, Ditto Ramesh, D S Suryavishnu,D. Rama Prabha


Kinetic, equilibrium and thermodynamic studies of synthetic dye removal using plastic waste activated carbon prepared by CO2 activation

T.K.Manimekalai, G.Tamilarasan, N.Sivakumar & S.Periyasamy


Synthesis, Characterization, Study of Biological Activity and Molecular Docking of Benzil and its Substituted Analogs.

Nithya.G, Charles C.Kanakam, Sudha.R


Thermal Energy Storage using Phase Change Materials and their Applications: A Review

B.Janarthanan and Suresh Sagadevan

(257-263) Tunsten Oxide Thin Films by Reactive Sputtering Gas Pressure Ratios


J. Selvi and P.Mani

Solid state synthesis and characterization of calcium phosphate for biomedical application

Arkin V H, Meenu Lakhera, I. Manjubala, U. Narendra Kumar


Synthesis, Optical, Thermal and Dielectric Studies on Novel Semi Organic Non Linear Optical Crystal by Solution Growth Technique

E.Ilango, G. Ganesh, R.Rajasekaran


Influence of Nano particles in High Performance Concrete (HPC)

P. Jaishankar and K. Saravana Raja Mohan


Kinetics of thermal decomposition of binary complexes of rare earth metals with some biologically relevant ligands

Richa Gupta, Tanay Pramanik and K. C. Gupta


Experimental investigation on Fly ash based Slurry Infiltrated Fibrous Concrete (SIFCON) in Normal and Aggressive Environment

D. Elavarasi and Dr.K.Saravana Raja Mohan


Effect on Annealing Temperature on Zno Nanoparticles

Sugapriya S, Lakshmi S, Senthilkumaran C.K


Effect of Thermal Growth on Strutural And optical Properties

Sugapriya S, Lakshmi S, Senthilkumaran C.K


Optical Properties of Rare Earth Doped Borate Glasses

D. Kothandan, R. Jeevan Kumar


Influence of Physicochemical Properties of Al2O3 Nanofluid as Coolant in Automotive Radiator Test rig and Multi Response Optimization of Heat Transfer Rate using Taguchi's Orthogonal Array

Kannan C & Vijayakumar T


Kinetic Modeling and Multicomponent Isotherm Studies on Adsorption of Multi Heavy Metal Ions in MSW Leachate by Alcoffine

Senthilkumar.G and Murugappan. A


Crystal structure analysis of (2'S,3'S,4'S)-3'-(4-Chloro-2H-chromen-3-yl)-4'-(1H-indole-3-carbonyl)-1'-methyl-2-oxospiro[indoline-3,2'-pyrrolidine]-4'-carbonitrile

K. Hemanathan, R. Raja, D. Kathirvelan, B. S. R. Reddy, K. Sakthi Murugesan


Bio Oil Production:Pyrolysis of Saw Dust in an Auger Reactor

Karan Kothari, Archit B. Shah, S. Murugavelh


Biotreatment of waste gas containing MEK in a using agro based biofilter

S.Ashok kumar,V.Saravanan and M.Rajasimman


Acoustical Studies on Molecular interaction of 2’-Chloro-4-Methoxy-3-Nitro Benzilic acid with various Solvents at different concentrations using Ultrasonic technique

R .Sudha, C Kanakam and G.Nithya


Application of salicylic acid on Calendula officinal L is to alleviate the adverse effects of salinity stress

Hashish, Kh.I Azza, A.M.Mazhar, Sahar, M. Zaghloul, Nahed, G. Abdel Aziza, Mona H.Mahgoub and Rawia, A. Eid


Effect of antioxidants on some morphological and anatomical features of maize grown under salinity conditions

Ali Z. A., Hussein M. M. and El-Taher A. M.


Effect of Some Medicinal Plant Seed Meals Supplementation and their Effects on the Productive Performance of Male Rabbits

Yasser A. A. El-Nomeary R. I. El- Kady and A. A. El-Shahat


Implication of Rate and Time of nitrogen application on Yield and Nitrogen Use Efficiency of Barley in Sandy Soil

A. S. Taalab, Safaa, A. Mahmoud and Hanan, S. Siam


Risk assessment and mitigation measures for certain amendments used in the bioremediation of sewaged soils

Mohamed Saber, Hussein F. Abuouziena, Essam Hoballah, Fatma Abd-Elzaher, AzzaTurkey and Alaa Zaghloul

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