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Vol.1, No.4, OCT-DEC 2009                             CODEN(USA): IJCRGG      ISSN : 0974-4290

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(1048- 1051)


Microwave Induced Synthesis of Some New 3-Substituted-1, 3-Thiazolidin-4-ones for their Potent Antimicrobial and Antitubercular Activities

D.Visagaperumal, R.Jaya Kumar, R.Vijayaraj, N.Anbalagan




An Overview of Silica Aerogels


Rakesh P. Patel, Nirav S. Purohit, Ajay M. Suthar



Microneedle: Various Techniques of Fabrications and Evaluations


Pandey Shivanand, Patel Binal, D. Viral, Kordia Shaliesh, Goyani Manish, V. Subhash



Invitro Quantification of Flavonoids and Phenolic content of Suran


H.N.Nataraj, R.L.N.Murthy and S. Ramachandra Setty



Spectrophotometric Method for Quantitative Estimation of Moprolol in Bulk and Pharmaceutical Preparation


Rekha Rajeevkumar, Rajeevkumar  P, Nagavalli D



Enhancement of solubility and dissolution rate of indomethacin with different polymers by compaction process

Yadav VB, Yadav AV



Development of  HPTLC method for estimation of Wedelolactone, Quercetin and Jatamansone in Polyherbal Formulation.


R. M. Thorat , V. M. Jadhav, V. J.  Kadam, S. S. Kamble  And  K. P. Salaskar



Microwave assisted oxidation of benzoin on alumina using chromium based oxidants


Amit Sahu, Manish K. Rawal,Vinod Kumar Sharma and Bharat Parashar



Development and validation of a rapid RP-HPLC method for the determination of Racecadotril in formulation


Anton Smith .A, Madhusudhana Reddy Induri, Varaprasad.K and Manavalan .R




Synthesis, Characterisation and Biological Evaluation of some novel 2,5-Disubstituted-1,3,4-oxadiazole derivatives of Gallic acid

S.Arunkumar, K.Ilango, R.S.Manikandan ,   M.Sudha , N.Ramalakshmi

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