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Vol.1, No.4, OCT-DEC 2009                             CODEN(USA): IJCRGG      ISSN : 0974-4290

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QSAR Study of Interaction between Estrogen Derivatives and Receptor Amino Acids using Softness Parameters


R. K. Singh, Satyendra Singh, R. B. Srivastava



Synthesis, Antiinflammatory and Antimicrobial Activities of New Hydrazone and Quinoxaline derivatives


Arvind Kumar, Amita Verma, Geeta Chawla and Vaishali.



Microwave assisted synthesis of some Schiff bases on NaY zeolite: A green chemical approach


Manish K. Rawal, Amit Sahu, Rakshit Ameta, V.K. Sharma and Pinki B. Punjabi



Spectrophotometric Method for Determination of Lercanidipine in Tablets

G. Mubeen, Damanjit Singh Rao, Kadri Uvesh

CT- 65      (1189-1193)

Determination and Validation of UV Spectrophotometric Method for Estimation of  Bicalutamide Tablet.


M. Swamivelmanickam,  A.R.Gomes, R. Manavalan, D.Satyanarayana, P. Gangi Reddy.

CT- 66      (1194-1199)

Synthesis  and Antifungal Activity of Some Azetidinones.


 Mrunmayee P. Toraskar, Vilasrao J. Kadam  , Vithal M. Kulkarni



2, 4- Di substituted-5-Imino-1, 3, 4- Thiadiazole Derivatives: Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Anti-inflammatory activities


Mohammad Asif, Chhavi Asthana

CT- 68      (1206-1212)


Studies on the Kinetics of Benzyltrimethylammonium fluorochromate Oxidation of  Substituted Benzaldehydes in aqueous Acetic Acid Medium


S. Sheik Mansoor and  S. Syed Shafi

CT- 69      (1213-1216)

Bioactivity of Marine Mangrove Plant Avicennia alba on Selected Plant and Oral Pathogens

Varahalarao Vadlapudi and K Chandrasekhar Naidu






J. Padma Preetha, K.Karthika


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