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Editorial Work Flow:

International Journal of ChemTech Research.

(ISO 3297, ISSN: 0974-4290)


  The following Editorial Work Flow is involved during the course of Process of received Manuscripts
1 Receiving of Manuscript and Acknowledgement: Once a Manuscript is submitted by the corresponding author, it is received by Editorial office and its acknowledgement is sent to the Corresponding author.
Processing by Editorial office, Editor-in-Chief, Main Editor: Editor office then checks the Manuscripts on Plagiarism detection software, grammatical parameter, Language parameters, Referencing pattern. Editor in Chief/Main Editor then performs initial screening to check-
  •  Scope of paper title,
  •  Relevancy of work with Journal scope,
  •  Novelty level of Research work,
  •  Importance of Research work,
  •  Quality level of work done,
  •  Repetition of Processes, work if any. 

If Manuscript is not meeting the Journal’s requirements, then immediately it is rejected by Editor in Chief/Main Editor.

EHandling by Editor: If Manuscript passes the initial screening, then it is assigned to Subject editor/Handling editor. The Manuscript is sent by editor to reasonable number of Reviewers based on the Scope of paper title, for Double Blind Peer Review Process.
Double Blind Peer Review Process: The Manuscript is processed well through Double Blind Peer Review Process, in which Reviewers donot know who the authors of the Manuscript are and authors donot have any information of who the peer Reviewers are.

The Reviewers submit their evaluation reports on the Manuscript along with their recommendations as on the following actions to the Editor.

a) Suitable for publication with High priority.
b) Suitable for publication with Low priority.
c) Suitable for publication after Minor changes.
d) Requires Major changes and Re-review.
e) Not at all suitable for publication.

5 Final decision: The complete evaluation report along with recommendations of Reviewers is sent to the Main Editor for decision making.

The Editor along with Main Editor then makes one of the following decisions-

a) Publish with High Priority: This Manuscript undergoes one more check by Editorial office and sent for publication.

b) Publish with Low Priority:This Manuscript is suitable for publication, but importance wise/scope wise/ novelty wise it is low rated. This Manuscript can be rejected by the Main editor for maintaining the quality of journal and reasonable acceptance rate. If it is accepted by Main Editor/Editor in chief, then Manuscript undergoes one more check by Editorial office and sent for publication.

c) Publish after Minor changes:The authors of this paper are suggested/informed to make certain changes as per the requirements. After receiving the revised/corrected Manuscript, it is sent for publication.

d) Requires Major changes and Re-review: The authors of this Manuscript are informed to make the required major changes as per the requirements/ recommendations. After receiving the revised/corrected Manuscript, it is then sent for Re-review to Reviewers. Then finally, if this Manuscript is all right/recommended by reviewers then it is sent for publication.

e) Not at all suitable for publication:This Manuscript is rejected immediately and the authors of this Manuscript are informed immediately. The reasons of rejection are sent to the authors.


The Editorial Board Work Flow allows the Editors, Main Editor, Editor in chief to reject the Manuscript due to any related reasons like lack of quality, incorrectness of results and inappropriateness of its subject.

The complete process is Fair, of High quality and Unbiased.

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