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Vol.1, No.3, July-Sept 2009                              CODEN(USA): IJCRGG      ISSN : 0974-4290

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CT-1     (394-400)


Aerosol Optical Extinction Measurements Using a Pulsed Laser Cavity-Ring Down Transmissometer

M. Hossein. Bazargan




Biocoordination and computational modeling of novel ligands with Bi (V)

Parashuram Mishra





Solvent Extraction of Cadmium (II) from Sulfate Medium by Bis(2-ethylhexyl) Phosphoric Acid in Toluene

F.Asrafi, A.Feyzbakhsh, N.Entezari Heravi





Synthesis and characterization of VOx/LUS-nanoporous silica and application for direct oxidation of benzene to phenol

JavadGholami1, Alireza Badiei1*, Alireza Abbasi1, Ghodsi Mohammadi Ziarani2





Identification of Gallstones using  Spectroscopic technique

S. Kothai,K.Gayathri, V.Kannappan, P.T.Perumal, K.Manimegalai



Kinetics and Mechanism of Oxidation of [4s, 4as, 5as, 12as]-4-(Dimethylamino)-1,4,4a,5,5ab,11 12a octahydro 3,6,10,12,12a-pentahydroxy-6-methyl-1,11 dioxo napthacene carboxamide hydrochloride (Tetracycline hydrochloride) with Bi(V) in HClO4-HCl mixture

Parashuram Mishra



Molecular Iodine as an efficient catalyst for the synthesis of indazole

Digambar D. Gaikwad, Syed Abed & Rajendra P. Pawar





Influence of operational parameters on eliminating azo dyes from wastewater by advanced oxidation technology

M R Sohrabi, M Davallo, M Miri





Solvent-free Cerium(IV) Ammonium Nitrate Catalyzed Synthesis of 4,4′-Diaminotriarylmethane Leuco Malachite Materials

Ghasem Rezanejade Bardajee





Simultaneous Estimation OF Paracetamol, Chlorzoxazone and Aceclofenac in Pharmaceutical Formulation by HPLC Method

Venkatesh Karthikeyan, Vaidhyalingam,Yuvaraj.G, Rajesh Kumar Nema


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