International Journal of  ChemTech Research 


Vol.2, No.3, July - Sept 2010                                                 CODEN(USA): IJCRGG      ISSN : 0974-4290

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Microwave Irradiation Versus Conventional Method: Synthesis of Benzimidazolyl Chalcone Derivatives


Sahoo Biswa Mohan, Behera T.P., Ravi Kumar B.V.V



Anti-Diabetic Plant Crude Drugs- A Review




Synthesis and antifungal activity of newer substituted Quinazolinones

Chatrasal Singh Rajput, Sanjeev Kumar and Ashok Kumar



Growth of Ultra Thick layer of Titanium Dioxide on Silicon Substrate in High Pressure and High Temperature


F. Ashrafi, A. Bahary, S. A. Babanejad, S.R. Rezazadeh Baei,

Z. Shayesteh



Alcohols Oxidation by oxygen O2 in presence of vanadoheteropolyacid (H5PMo10V2O40) as green catalyst


M. Norouzi, F. Ashrafi, M. Taharimehr, F. Bagheri.



Studies in Prospective Process Validation of Metformin HCl Tablet Dosage Formulation


Rohokale BS, Jadhav VM, Kadam VJ



Design of PI Controller for Bioreactors for Maximum Production Rate


S.Srinivasan, T.Karunanithi



Chemical composition and antimicrobial Activity of essential oil of leaves of Vitex negundo Linn. (Verbenaceae)


Pradeep Singh, Garima Mishra, K.K.Jha, Vipin Kumar Garg, R.L.Khosa




Enhancement of dissolution rate of slightly soluble drug Clomiphene Citrate by Solid Dispersion


Dhingra Dipti, Bhandari Anil, Sharma R.B., Gupta Ranjana, Gupta Sachin



Spectroscopic determination of total phenol and flavonoid contents of Ipomoea carnea


Elija  Khatiwora, Vaishali B. Adsul, Manik M. Kulkarni, N.R. Deshpande and R.V Kashalkar


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