International Journal of  ChemTech Research 


Vol.2, No.3, July - Sept 2010                                                 CODEN(USA): IJCRGG      ISSN : 0974-4290

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New Spectrophotometric Methods for Estimation of Ethacridine Lactate in Pharmaceutical Formulations


Aziz Unnisa, K.Venu Gopala Raju



The bacteriological quality of drinking water in Golaghat Sub-division of Golaghat District, Assam, India


Madhab Borah,Joydev Dutta,Abani Kumar Misra



Design of hydride atomizer system for atomic absorption and its optimization to determination of arsenic in real samples

Hossein Tavallali


Applications of Green Chemistry in Organic

V. K. Redasani*, V. S. Kumawat, R. P. Kabra, P. Kansagara, S. J. Surana




Michael adducts of 2,5-bismethoxycarbonyl-1,4-benzoquinone with several different donor molecules

Ashnagar, A1* and Bruce, J.M. 2


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