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( 1351 -1357)

Development and Evaluation of Orally Disintegrating Tablet by Direct Compression Method

V.N. Deshmukh, N.H. Zade, D.M. Sakarkar



(1358 -1366)

A Validated RP-HPLC Method for the Estimation of Febuxostat in Bulk Drugs

Sudhir S Muvvala, Venkata NadhRatnakaram and Rama RaoNadendla



Evaluation of In-Vitro Antioxidant and Antimicrobial Activities of the Various Parts of Benincasa hispida

Noriham Abdullah, Wan Saidatul Syida Wan Kamarudin, Zainal Samicho, Nurain Aziman and Khairusy Syakirah Zulkifli



( 1377-1382)

Efficacy of Tagetes erecta on lead acetate induced oxidative injury in rat kidney

Nishanthi, J.and Anuradha, R.



( 1383 -1390)

In Process Validation Of Oral Non Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug: Ibuprofen 400 Mg Tablet

Kothule M.B. , Hapse.S.A., Kadaskar P.T., Shirsath A.S.



( 1391-1400)

Fenvalerate induced Hepatotoxicity and its amelioration by Quercetin

M.P.Ashar Waheed, H.S.Muthu Mohammed



( 1401-1406)

Phytochemical Constituents and Bioactivities of Aqueous Extract of Aromatic Herbs

Nurain, A., Noriham, A., Zainon, M.N., Wan Saidatul, S.W.K. and Khairusy, S.Z



( 1407-1416)

Development And Validation Of Reverse Phase HPLC Method For The Determination Of Impurities In Prasugrel Hydrochloride

Venugopal Sriram, Kalpana Sriram, Jagadishbabu Angirekula, Upendra M. Tripathi and Devanna Nayakanti



( 1417-1421)

Development and Validation of Bioanalytical Method for Lacosamide from Rat Brain Tissues

M.S.Kondawar, S.R.Shinde



( 1422-1427)

Quantum Mechanical Studies Of Thio Compunds On The Corrosion Inhibition Of Mild Steel In Acidic Media

P.A.Jeeva, S.Harikumar, S.Karthikeyan, S.Narayanan, A.Mukherjee, N.Chandrasekaran


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