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( 1660-1666)

Development And Validation Of A Stability Indicating HPLC Method For Estimation Of Ceftriaxone And Sulbactam In Sterile Powder For Injection

Shrestha B., Bhuyan N.R. and Sinha B.N.



( 1667-1671 )

ntidiabetic Activity Test by Inhibition of α-Glucosidaseand Phytochemical Screening from the Most Active Fraction of Buni ( Antidesma bunius L.) Stem Barks and Leaves.

Berna Elya, Amarila Malik, Purwa Indah SeptiMahanani, and Bianca Loranza



( 1672-1675)

Synthesis and Antibacterial activity of 2-(6-substituted 1-3- benzothiazol-2-yl)-N- (4-halophenyl) hydrazinecarbothioamide.

Ved Prakash, U.V.S.Sara , U.K.Singh



( 1676-1685 )

Simultaneous Determination And Validation Of Nebivolol And S-Amlodipine By Zero Order Derivative And First Order Derivative Method In Bulk Drug And Pharmaceutical Formulation

A.Satish kumar shetty, Bhanu Sireesha. R, Manzoor Ahmed



( 1686-1690)

Development And Validation Of Rp-Hplc Method For The Estimation Of Bicalutamide In Pure And Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms

Chandanam Sreedhar, Sowmya Manala, Sreenivasa Rao T, Anusha Vemuri, Naresh kumar



( 1691-1702 )

3D QSAR Analysis on Arylbenzofuran derivatives as Histamine H3 Receptor Inhibitors using k Nearest Neighbor Molecular Field Analysis (KNNMFA)

Sanmati K. Jain and Sudip Nag



( 1703-1705)

Effect Of Organic And Biofertilizers On Growth And Yield Of Eclipta alba(L.)

S.Priya and R.Elakkiya



( 1706-1711 )

Ricinus communis L. A Review.

Manpreet Rana, Hitesh Dhamija, Bharat Prashar, Shivani Sharma



( 1712-1720)

Overview Of Oral Dispersible Tablets

Malay Kumar B Chotaliya, Sumit Chakraborty



( 1721-1729 )


Determination Of Entecavir In Human Plasma By LC-MS/MS And Method Validtion

Suraj sythana,Lavanya,Sankar A.S.K., Shanmugasundaram P.,Ravichandiran. V.


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