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( 1730-1734)

Formulation And Evaluation Of Microemulsion Based Tablets Of Acyclovir For Better Patient Compliance

Jatin Dedakia, Shivprasad H. Majumdar



( 1735-1744 )

Antibacterial Activity and Phytochemical Screening of Mentha arvensis Linn. against Proteus mirabilis from Urinary Tract Infected Patients

Srinivas pidugu and T.Arun



( 1745-1749)

Evaluation Of Antioxidant Activity Of Aerial Part Extract Of Coleus spicatus. Benth On Chromium(VI) Induced Oxidative Stress In Albino Rats

J.Jaslin Edward, Padmaja.V



( 1750-1757)

Method Development And Validation Of Forced Degradation Studies Of Pioglitazone Hydrochloride By Using UV Spectroscopy

Narsimha rao. Doredla, Brahmaiah.Yengisetty, Raju. Bojjagani, Syam vardhan. Madasu



( 1758-1765)

Protective Role Of Methanolic And Aqueous Extracts Of Cucurbita moschata Linn. Fruits In Inflammation And Drug Induced Gastric Ulcer In Wister Rats.

H. Govindani, Amitabha Dey, Lokesh Deb, S. P. Rout, S.D. Parial, Avijeet Jain



( 1766-1769)

Antidiabetic Potentials Of Cassia occidentalis Leaf Extract On Alloxan Induced Diabetic Albino Mice

Onakpa M.M. and Ajagbonna O.P.



( 1770-1776)

Enteric Coated Beads Of Naproxen: Design, Development And Evaluation

P.R.Radhika*, Balaji Sadu, Para Sai Lakshmi, Evangelin Rani, T. Sivakumar



( 1777-1784)

Formulation Development of Venlafaxine Hydrochloride Extended Release Tablet and invitro Characterizations

Bagdiya Omprakash, Sav Ajay, Gejage Santosh, Purnima Amin



( 1785-1791)

Pharmacological Exploration Of Saccharum officinarum Leave Extracts For Its Anti-Oxidant And Anti-Inflammatory Activity

Ghiware N.B., Aseemuddin N., Kawade R.M.1, Vadvalkar S.M.



( 1792-1796)

Screening Of Phytochemical And Antibacterial Activity Of Polygala javana Plant Leaf, Stem And Root Extract Against Human Pathogen

M.Uthiraselvam, E.Rajabudeen, A.Asmathu Fathima, H.Peer Mohamed, M.Babu Selvam and G.Kavitha


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