ICGSEE-2013[14th – 16th March 2013] SPECIAL ISSUE.

International Conference on Global Scenario in Environment and Energy





Bhopal Gas Tragedy: A Revisit to pick out some lessons we have forgotten in 28 years

 Shashin Singh, Shubhangi Bhadoria




Green Chemistry For Citric Acid Recovery From Bioreactor: Effect Of Temperature

 Divya Raheja, Amit Keshav




Implementing Clean Coal Technology Through Gasification And Liquefaction – The Indian Perspective

 H. B. Sahu




Green Synthesis Of Novel Heterocycles Carrying Dihydropyrimidine, Oxadiazole And Triazole Moiety

 Dawle J K, Mathapati S R, Momin K I, Bondge A S.




Physical Characteristics Of Fly Ashes From Three Thermal Power Plants In West Bengal, India: A Comparative Study

 A. Bhattacharjee, H. Mandal, M. Roy, J. Kusz  and W. Hofmeister




Production Of Biochar From Mustard For Agriculture Use And Carbon Sequestration

 Anita Singh, Rashmi Singhai, A.K.Biswas and Anil Kumar Dubey




The Study Of Low-Carbon Policy Influence On Consumers’ Energy Efficiency Household Appliance Purchase Behavior

 Qianyu DONG, Tohru Futawatari




A Roadmap For “Carbon Capture And Sequestration” In The Indian Context: A Critical Review.

 Pankaj Patware,  Girish Thakur, Pratish Rawat,  K.Sudhakar




A Novel Approach For Energy Conservation By Raw Material Preheating In Green Sand Casting

 J.Selvaraj, K.I. Ramachandran*, D.Keshore




Green Technology For Production Of Baby Corn (Zea mays L) Under North-West Himalayan Conditions

 J K Ranjan, N Ahmed, B Das, Pragya Ranjan and B K Mishra



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