ICGSEE-2013[14th 16th March 2013] SPECIAL ISSUE.

International Conference on Global Scenario in Environment and Energy





Upgradation Of Biogas Using Combined Method  Of Alkaline Water Scrubbing And Adsoption Through Carbon Molecular Sieve

 Tarang Bansal, Nikhil Tripathi, Gaurav Chawla




Economic Feasibility Of Substituting LPG With Biogas For MANIT Hostels

 R. Ananthakrishnan, K. Sudhakar, Abhishek Goyal and S. Satya Sravan




Effect Of Different Growth Hormones On In Vitro Response Of A Leguminous Medicinal Herb

 Punita Tiwari




This paper is removed




Reacting Flow And Emission Characteristics In A Liquid Fuelled Aircraft Engine Combustor

 Pandey V., De, A. and Kushari A.




Simulation Of Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel Inverters For PV Applications

 Penugonda V. V. N. M. Kumar, P. M. Kishore, R. K. Nema




Numerical Studies On The Performance Of Methanol Based Air To Air Heat Pipe Heat Exchanger

  S. Ravitej Raju, M. Balasubramani, B. Nitin Krishnan, K. Kesavan, M. Suresh.




A Soft Switching Boost Converter With Simulation Of Maximum Power Point Tracking For Solar Home Lighting System

 Ashutosh Werulkar, D. Shankar, P.S.Kulkarni




Soft Switching Buck Converter for Battery Charging With MPPT

 D.Shankar, and P.S.Kulkarni




Energy And Exergy Analysis Of Fully Condensing Steam Turbine At Various Steam Load Condition

 A.H.Rana, J.R.Mehta



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