ICGSEE-2013[14th 16th March 2013] SPECIAL ISSUE.

International Conference on Global Scenario in Environment and Energy





Applicability of Biogas Technology In Rural Development And Green House Gas Mitigation

 Shefali Sharma, B P Nema




Testing And Parametric Analysis Of An Updraft Biomass Gasifier

 Dhruv S Deshpande, Akshay D Phadke, Shailesh L Patil, Aniradha G Ghadge,V.N.Raibole




Waste Water Treatment of Biomass based Power Plant

 Lata Tripathi, Anil Kumar Dubey, Sandip Gangil and P L Singh




Hydroprocessing Of Jatropha Oil To Produce Green Fuels

 M. K. Jha, Anil K Sinha, Paritosh Agnihotri





Development Of A Cost-Optimized Hybrid Off-Grid Power System For A Model Site In North-Eastern India Involving Photovoltaic Arrays, Diesel Generators And Battery Storage

Srimanta Ray, Ajoy Kumar Chakraborty  and Debika Debnath




Effect Of Different Amount Of Enzyme And Acyl Acceptor On Lipase-Catalyzed Transestrification Reaction For High Yield Of Biodiesel From Microalgal Oil

Pushpendra Singh, Rahul Shrivastava, Archana Tiwari




High Value Flower Cultivation Under Low Cost Greenhouse In NW Himalayas

Pragya Ranjan, JK Ranjan, B Das and N Ahmed




Microbial activity during Rice Straw Composting under Co-inoculation of Cellulomonas cellulans and Phanerochaete chrysosporium

 Brijesh Kumar Mishra, and Lata Nain




Hybrid Solar PV And Biomass System For Rural Electrification

 Kavali Janardhan, Tulika Srivastava, Guddy Satpathy, K. Sudhakar




Solar Energy For Domestic Drinking Water A Pilot Study

 Akshat Agrawal 



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