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Thiosemicarbazide Family of NLO Single Crystals for Nonlinear Optical Applications –A Review

N.Nithya, R.Mahalakshmi and Suresh Sagadevan


Efficiency of Rhizosphere Bacteria in Production of Indole Acetic Acid, Siderophore and Phosphate Solubilization

Pemila Edith Chitraselvi R, Kalidass S, Rajiv Kant


Effect of Preliminarily Treatments on Quality Parameters of Artichoke with Different Preservation Methods

L. Abdulaziz, S. Yaziji, and A. Azizieh


Synthesis of Pyrimidine Substituted 1,2,3-Triazole  Derivatives Via Click Reactions and its  Biological Evaluation

Natarajan  Sabarinathan, Samraj Sridharan, Susaimanickam Arul Antony


Performance Analysis of Heat Transfer and Effectiveness on Laminar Flow with Effect of Various Flow Rates

K.Sivakumar, Dr.K.Rajan


Gas flow through vertical pipe and perforated vertical pipe

Majid Farajpourlar, Jidon Janaun, Asadollah Kariman


Machinablity study on Electrochemical Machining – A Review

T.Florence, S.Dharmalingam, V.Ragupathy,  P.Satishkumar


Simple and Quick Classification of  Soil for Sunflower Cultivation using Data Mining Algorithm

Mrs.Durga Karthik,  Dr.K.Vijayarekha


Effectiveness of Growol to Prevent Diarrhea Infected by  Enteropathogenic Escherichia coli

K.D. Prasetia, T.W. Kesetyaningsih


Comparison of Four Different Solid Phase Extraction Cartridges for Sample Clean-Up in the Analysis of Glufosinate Ammonium from Aqueous Samples

Tayeb M. A., Ismail, B. S., KhairiatulMardiana J.

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