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Structural, Optical and Morphological Properties of Silver Nanoparticles using Green Synthesis

C.Gayathri Devi and Suresh Sagadevan and Priya Murugasen


Response Surface Methodology and Desirability Analysis for Optimizing μ WEDM Parameters for Al6351/20%Al2O3 composite

R.Adalarasan, M.Santhanakumar


A Comparison of Corrosion Resistance of Stainless Steel Fabricated with Selective Laser Melting and Conventional Processing

Kurian Antony,Siva Prasad M


Bioremediation of sewage waste waters by the phototrophic bacterial consortium isolated from paddy fields

Ramchander Merugu, Ravi Chandar Maroju, Sabina Harold, Madhusudhan Rao V, Nagaraju Devanuri


Antioxidant Properties of Coconut Sap and its Sugars

N.Syamala Devi , T. HariPrasad,  K.Ramesh, Ramchander Merugu


Influence of Recycled Aggregate based Pervious Concrete with Flyash

S.Deepika, K.Lalithanjali, M.R.Ponmalar, B.Vinushitha and T.Manju


Synthesis and characterization of Pure and Cobalt-doped NiO Nanoparticles

M. Abila Marselin, N. Victor Jaya


Pharmacology Study of Pyrimidine Derivative

Wasfi A. Al-Masoudi, Ahlam A. Al-Rikaby and  Rana A. Faaz


Molecular Structure and Vibrational Analysis of N, N-Dimethylaniline Based on DFT Calculations

G.Raja, K.Saravanan and S.Sivakumar


Third order Non - Linear optical properties of Aluminium Sulphate Single Crystals by Z-Scan Technique

R.Ranjani, T.Sivanesan, P.R. Umarani

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