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Synthesis and Characterization of Silver-Cadmium Sulphide Nanoparticles using Wet Chemical Route

C.Selvakumar and M.Deepa


Real Textile Dye Wastewater Treatment by Electrochemical Oxidation: Application of Response Surface Methodology (Rsm)

J. Sendhil, P.K.A. Muniswaran C. Ahmed Basha


Effect of Doping on the Morphology of KAP Nonlinear Optical Single Crystal

R.Muraleedharan, U.Sathya and J.Ramajothi


Response surface modeling of polyacrylamide redox polymerization

Khai Ern Lee, Thian Lai Goh, Norbert Simon


Phase Diagram Studies and Thin Film Coatings of bi and tri-metallic oxides using Tris β-Diketonates of Aluminium (III), Chromium (III) and Iron (III) as a Single source precursor

C. Chandrakala, P. Sravanthi, K. S. Nagaraja, B. Jeyaraj


Production of Inferior Fish Hydrolyzate Sauce Under Different Concentration of  Coconut Sugar and Caramel

Yuli Witono, Wiwik Siti Windrati, Asmak Afrilia, Imeilda Nury Prasvita


Hydrolysis of DI-2-Methoxy-4-Nitroaniline Phosphate in Buffer Media

Homeshwari Yadav and S. A. Bhoite


Experimental Investigation of Single Cylinder C.I Engine Using Mustard and Neem Oil as a Biodiesel

R. Senthil , N.Ravichandiran, Silambarasan


Optical and Thermal Studies on Barium Doped Cadmium Tartrate Oxalate Single Crystals by Sol Gel Technique

D. Arumugam and A. Krishnan


Synthesis, Characterization, Biological Evaluation and Antibacterial Activity of some Heterocyclic Fluorene Compounds Derived from Schiff Base

Thawra Ahmad, Dr. Farouk Kandil, and Dr. Chahid Moustapha

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