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Vol.2, No.2, April-June 2010                                                CODEN(USA): IJPRIF      ISSN : 0974-4304

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Cytotoxic Activity of Vitex Negundo against Ehrlich Ascites Carcinoma (EAC) in mice


M S Saluja, B Sangameswaran and A Sharma




Quantitative Structure Activity Relationship Studies of A Novel Class of Dual PPAR γ/δ Agonists

Mukesh Chandra Sharma*, Smita Sharma1



In vitro antibacterial activity in the extracts of Andrographis paniculata Burm. F


Aniel Kumar O*, Mutyala Naidu L and K G Raja Rao



Neuropharmacological  Effects of  Ethanolic Extract of  Portulaca quadrifida Linn. In Mice


Syed Kamil M,  LiyakhaT Ahmed MD and  Paramjyothi S



Pharmacology of Tridax procumbens a Weed: Review

Sneha Mundada, Ruchi Shivhare



Validation of Water Purification System for Pharmaceuticals


Anirban Raj Khutia, Dibya Sunder Panda, Aditya Kumar Jena,

Siva prasad Panda, Manas Ranjan Nayak



In-Situ gel: New trends in Controlled and Sustained Drug Delivery System


Nirmal H.B.*, Bakliwal S.R., Pawar S.P.



Quantitative Estimation of β-Sitosterol, Total Phenolic and Flavonoid Compounds in the Leaves of Moringa oleifera


Rajanandh MG and Kavitha J



Formulation and Evaluation of Floating Microspheres of Famotidine


Singh Bandana, Kanoujia Jovita, Pandey Manisha*, Saraf Shubhini A




Natural Radioprotective Agents against Ionizing Radiation An Overview


K.Yamini, V.Gopal

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