ICMCT-2014 [March 10–12 March 2014] Second SPECIAL ISSUE.

International Conference on Materials and Characterization Techniques 2014

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(3237-3240) Optical and Dielectric Characterization of a new Non linear Optical Urea Sodium Chloride single crystal by slow evaporation technique

E. Ilango, K. Shankar, V. Chithambaram, R. Rajasekaran

(3241-3243) Growth, Thermal and Mechanical Studies on a Semi organic NLO Crystal : L-Lysine 4-nitrophenolate (LLPNP) monohydrate

M.Mahadevan, S.Kalainathan, K. Jagannathan, K.Ramachandran

(3244-3247) Non linear optical effects in nano-crystallized lithium silicate glass ceramics mixed with small concentrations of CuO.

T. Srikumar,  Ch. Srinivasa Rao and N. Veeraiah


Studies of L-alaninium maleate crystals admixtured with urea (LAMU) grown by slow cooling method

D.Shanthi, P. Selvarajan and S. Perumal 

(3252-3255) Characterization and Syringe Method Synthesis of MF2: Eu (M=, Mg Ca)

N. S. Bajaj, S. K. Omanwar

(3256-3258) Growth, optical and XRD studies on pure and doped potassium hydrogen phthalate single crystals

C.Amuthambigai, X.Sahaya Shajan

(3259-3261) Phase Investigation of Micro Crystals of ZTO

Jaya T P, Divya N K , P P Pradyumnan 

(3262-3264) Influence of Mg2+ and Cu2+ metallic ions on the Structural, Mechanical and Optical Properties of L-Arginium Maleate Single Crystals

P. Shanmugam, V. Kathiravan, J. Madhavan and S. Pari

(3265-3267) Synthesis of Single Crystalline Delafossite CuCrO2 by sol-gel growth

Satish Bolloju, R. Srinivasan

(3268-3271) Growth, Thermal and Optical Studies of Zinc Cadmium Thiocyanate Single Crystal (ZCTC)

S.Cynthia, P.Sagayaraj, B. Milton Boaz 

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