ICMCT-2014 [March 10–12 March 2014] Second SPECIAL ISSUE.

International Conference on Materials and Characterization Techniques 2014

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(3272-3275) The characterization and behavior of Al2014 reinforced with Al2O3 fabricated by powder metallurgy

Vikram Singh Gaharwar, V.Umashankar


Dy3+ doped oxy-fluoride phosphate glasses for laser materials: A photoluminescence study

S. Babu, A. Balakrishna, D. Rajesh, Y.C. Ratnakaram

(3280-3283) Microwave synthesis of  Tris-(1,10-phenanthroline)Manganese(II) complex and its electrochemical sensing property of catechol

S. Praveen Kumar, R. Suresh, K. Giribabu, R. Manigandan,  S. Munusamy,   S. Muthamizh and V. Narayanan 

(3284-3286) Characterization of CrN/TiN PVD Coatings on 316L Stainless Steel

Thamotharan.J and Sarala.R,


Synthesis and Characterization of MgY2B2O7: Eu(III) phosphors

K.A. Koparkar, N. S. Bajaj, S. K. Omanwar 


Sugar AssistedGraphene: A Green Synthesis Approach

D. SuryaBhaskaram, Rajesh Cheruku, G.Govindaraj


Fabrication of Gd Nanoparticles in SiO2/Si Substrate by Ion Implantation

J.Kennedy, J. Leveneur, P.P. Murmu, P. Anilkumar, A. Iqbal,

(3297-3299) Structural, Optical, Electrical Characteristics of Synthesized Nanoparticles of Cerium Orthophosphate

 Seema Verma, Vishal Singh, Bindu Raina, K.K.Bamzai


Effect of microwave sintering on properties of Erbia stabilized bismuth oxide prepared by auto combustion method for IT- SOFC electrolytes

 Brijesh Gupta, Balwan Singh, Nandani Jaishwal, Om Prakash, Devendra Kumar

(3303-3306) A Study on Properties and Selection Criteria for Magneto-Rheological (MR) Fluid Components

Bhau K. Kumbhar, Satyajit R. Patil

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