ICMCT-2014 [March 10–12 March 2014] Second SPECIAL ISSUE.

International Conference on Materials and Characterization Techniques 2014

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Title of Paper and Names of Authors
(3343-3345) Photoluminacence Studies on Ag2Se0.2Te0.8 Thin Films

 C. Vijayan, M. Pandiaraman, N. Soundararajan, P.Gnanadurai, R. Chandramohan

(3346-3348) Comparison of Microstructural Characteristics of Plasma and HVOF Sprayed Ni-Cr/WC Coating

 S.Kailash, Praveen A.S., S.Suresh, J.Sarangan, N.Murugan


Effect of sputtering power on the properties of dc magnetron sputtered Au-SnO2 films


T. Prathyusha, Ch. Seshendra Reddy,P. Sreedhara Reddy, A. Sivasankar Reddy


Band gap determination using Tauc’s plot for LiNbO3 thin films

 Anil Tumuluri, K Lakshun Naidu, K.C.James Raju

(3357-3360) Effect of growth temperature on structural and optical properties of hydrothermally grown ZnS thin films

 V.Kumar, M.Saroja, M.Venkatachalam, S.Shankar

(3361-3363) The effect of TEA on structural and optical properties of nebulized spray deposited MnS thin films

 M. Girish, T. Dhandayuthapani, R. Sivakumar and C. Sanjeeviraja

(3364-3366) Synthesis and electrical properties of layered structure Li [Ni0.5 Co0.25 Mn0.25] O2 cathode material

G.Prathibha, P.Rosaiah, B.Purusottam Reddy, K.Sivajee Ganesh and O.M.Hussain 

(3367-3370) Fabrication and Characterization of CdS Thin Filmsfor the Solar Cell Applications

CH.Ashok, K.Venkateswara Rao, CH.Shilpa Chakra, V.Rajendar,   R.Lakshmi Narayanan

(3371-3373) Properties and Photocatalytic Application of Electronbeam Evaporated Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) Thin Films

 R. Lavanya and V. Vasu


Optical and Structural Characterizations of ZnO Thin Films Fabricated by SILAR Method via Sulphate Route

 R.Radha, A.Sakthivelu, D.Pradhabhan, C.Ravichandiran,  S.Murugesan, E.Mohandas and P.Geethadhevi 

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