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Evaluation of Chloride Penetration in OPC Concrete by Silver Nitrate Solution Spray Method

K.Krishnakumar, Bhaskar.S, K.Parthiban

(2683-2688 Growth and characterization of nonlinear optical single crystal: Glycine zinc sulfate

M. Lenin, M. Chandrasekar, G. Udhayakumar

(2689-2694) Bioprospecting of Endophytic Actinomycetes for Antiphytofungal Activity


Vijitha M. Vijayan, M. Radhakrishnan, and R. Balagurunathan


Application of periodate oxidation of N, N- diethyl-m-toluidine for nanogram determination of Manganese

R. D. Kaushik, Rajdeep Malik, Om Singh, Manila and Jaspal Singh 

(2704-2709) Growth and Characterization of NLO Single Crystal: BIS L-Alanine Potassium Chloride (BIS-LAKCL)    

M.Paul Dinakaran, P.Sandhiya and G.Janaki 

(2710-2718) Standardization of Tissue Culture Protocols for Callus Induction and Plant Regeneration from Mature Embryo of Sorghum [Sorghum bicolor L. Moench]

Heba Al-Saied, Fahed Al-Beskii, Iman Askoul 

(2719-2724) Effect of Nitrogen Plasma after glow on Amorphous Boron Nitride Thin Films deposited by Laser Ablation

Kamal Kayed, Hanya Abdeh and Kanj Alshoufi 

(2725-2731) Effect of Deposition Time on the Nanocrystalline PbS Thin Films Synthesized by Chemical Solution Deposition Method: Structural Characterization

Ibrahim Alghoraibi

(2732-2738) Mechanical and novel optical techniques for rheological characterisation of cereal beta-glucan

Anand Mohan


The Deformity Vibrations of Carbon Tetrachloride in Alcoholic Environment

Kamal Kayed, Mayada Issa

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