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(2815-2823) Adaptational Changes in Cellular Morphology of Bacillus subtilis strain KPA in Response to certain Antimicrobials

Khusro A, Preetam Raj JP, Panicker SG

(2824-2833) Stability indicating HPTLC Method for the Estimation of Pitavastatin Calcium in presence of Acid induced Degradation Product.

Mrinalini C. Damle, Anuradha R. Polawar

(2834-2842) N-N-methylene bis acrylamide: A novel fuel for combustion synthesis of zinc ferrite nanoparticles and studied by X-Ray photoelectron spectroscopy

R.Tholkappiyan and K.Vishista

(2843-2853) Ethanol Production from Corn, Potato Peel Waste and its Process Development

A.Meenakshi, R. Kumaresan

(2854-2865) Experimental (FT-IR & FT - Raman) and Theoretical Investigation, Electronic Properties of Quinoxaline

C.C.Sangeetha, R.Madivanane, V.Pouchaname, R.Vijaya Prasath

(2866-2868) Assessment of Corrosion behaviour of Aerospace materials in Marine environments by Tafel’s Potentiodynamic Polarization Studies

V.Rajkumar, N.Arivazhagan


Growth and Characterisation of Zinc Sulphate doped L-Threonine dihydrogen phosphate Single Crystal

V. Ramesh, P.R.Umarani, D. Jayaraman, V. Manivannan

(2875-2886) Spectrophotometric and Potentiometric Methods for the Determination of Alfuzosin Hydrochloride and Doxazosin Mesylate in Drug Substances and Drug products

Mona M. Abdel-Moety, Nagiba Y.M. Hassan, Samar G. Abdel-Hamid,   Abdel-Aziz A. Abdel-Aleem

(2887-2893) Lactoperoxidase Extraction from Caprine Milk using Conventional and Ionic Liquid Based ATP System

Vandar Vadivarasi Kandasamy, Sangeetha Shivanu, Senthilkumar Rathnasamy

(2894-2899) Extraction of Vitamin B2 from Bovine Colostrum using Surfactant Based ATP System

Sangeetha Shivanu, Vandar Vadivarasi Kandasamy, Senthilkumar Rathnasamy

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