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(3107-3115) Mono and Bi-Cationic Effect on the Concentration of Carbohydrates in Maize Plant  (Zea mays L.) Incubated Seedlings

A. Malo and N. Hamza

(3116-3121) Evaluation of potential biological activities of metabolites from endophytic fungi residing in leaves of Azadirhacta indica

S.Karthick Raja Namasivayam, R.Swetha and K.V.Srivatsan

(3122-3130) MnII catalysed Periodate Oxidation of anilines – Thermodynamic and Isokinetic studies

R. D. Kaushik*, Payal Rathi, Rajdeep Malik, Jaspal Singh and Manila 

(3131-3136) Antibacterial Activity of Biogenic Zinc oxide Nanoparticals synthesised from Enterococcus faecalis

Ashajyothi C, Manjunath, Rahul Narasanna, Kelmani Chandrakanth R,

(3137-3145) Preparation and Characteristics of Expanded Graphite loaded with ZnO

Xiu-yan Pang, Su-yan Sun

(3146-3151) Preparation of expandable graphite loaded with zinc sulfate and its catalytic activity in the synthesis of diisoamyl oxalate

Xiu-yan Pang

(3152-3159) Optical, Photoluminescence and Electrical properties of Vacuum evaporated ZnS thin films

R Jeyachitra, V Senthilnathan, D Kathirvel

(3160-3178) Flavanone: A Versatile Heterocyclic Nucleus

Yogesh Murti and Pradeep Mishra

(3179-3186) Design and Evaluation of a Lead (II) Optical Sensor Based on Immobilization of Dithizone on Triacetylcellulose Membrane

Hossein Tavallali, Ladan Dorostghoal

(3187-3190) UV, SEM, Powder XRD Studies of Acetoacetanilide (AAC) Crystal

   K.Senthilkannan, S.Gunasekaran, J.Gowtham Retwik Wagish

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