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(2952-2961) Use of SSR marker to assessment the Genetic Diversity of some Hordeum vulgare Genotypes

Rana Monawekh, HasanAzzam, Shahinaz Abbas, Ramzi Murshed

(2962-2970) Quantum Chemical Insights on Structural and Electronic properties of Anionic, Cationic and Neutral ZrO2 nanostructures

V. Nagarajan, V. Saravanakannan, R. Chandiramouli


Assessment of growth, production and nutritional composition of Spirulina platensis under induced conditions of Light regime, Urobilin Addition and H2O2 stress

Noorun Nazaha Rasheed, K.Dhevandran

(2979-2984) Ecofrendly Polymeric surfactants based on Polyethylene Glycol and Glycerol

Suraj R. Mathane, B.B. Gogte, M.K.N.Yenkie


Degradation of Leaf Litter by Vermicomposting and its Effect of Growth on Cyamopsis tetragonoloba

R Pavithra and M Lakshmi Prabha


Optimization of Surface Roughness in Selective Laser Sintered Stainless Steel Parts

I.Vijay arasu, K.Chockalingam, C.Kailasanathan and M.Sivabharathy

(3000-3003) A Review on Industrial Applications of Curdlan

D. Divyasri, V. Gunasekar, Indu Sara Benny, V. Ponnusami

(3004-3013) Microstructure analysis and Strength properties of concrete with Nano SiO2

B. Kartikeyan, K. Sumanth, G. Harshavardhan, A. Rajasekharareddy and G. Dhinakaran

(3014-3018) Expression of Salivary Biomarkers – Alkaline Phosphatase & Lactate dehydrogenase in Oral Leukoplakia

M. Dhivyalakshmi and T. N. Uma Maheswari

(3019-3024) Compatibility study of Chaetomium globosum with the fungicides (Ridomil, Blue Copper and Score)

Bency Mol, S. Ramarethinam, N.V. Murugesan

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