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Effect of Different Factors on Goat Milk Antioxidant Activity

Saif Alyaqoubi, Aminah Abdullah, Muhamad Samudi, Norrakiah Abdullah, Zuhair Radhi Addai and Maryam Al-ghazali 


Isolation and identification of Polyhydroxybutyrate producing bacterial strain (Bacillus thuringiensis GVP) from chlorine contaminated soil

T.Charen, P.Vaishali, M.Kaushalya, K.Amutha, V.Ponnusami and D.Gowdhaman 


Groundnut shell- A novel substrate for the production of xylanase from Acremonium implicatum GCKAP3SASTRA

M.Kaushalya, T.Charen, K.Amutha, V.Ponnusami and D.Gowdhaman 


Loss of l- Ascorbic acid in milk powder for infants caused by storage time, Humidity and light after opened the package.

 Rita Mansour


Effect of Deposition Time on Structural and Optical Properties of ZnS Nanoparticles Thin Films Prepared by CBD Method

Raghad Zein, Ibrahim Alghoraibi


Genetic analysis of the entomopathogenic fungus Beauvaria bassiana to the corn borers tested by UV as physical mutagen

Sahab,A.F.; Sabbour, M.M., Attallah,A.G. and Abou-Serreh,Nivin

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