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International Conference on Materials and Characterization Techniques 2014

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(1607-1610) Morphological and Electrical studies of Lithium Ion Implanted Sodium Potassium Niobate Single Crystal grown by Flux Method

R. Saravanan, D. Rajesh, S.V. Rajasekaran, R. Perumal,  M. Chitra, and R. Jayavel

(1611-1613) Optical Studies of Polymorphic 2-Amino-5-Nitropyridinium Bromide

C. Indumathi and S. Alfred Cecil Raj

(1614-1616) Comparative Studies of Absorption and Mechanical Properties of Grown Alkali Halide Crystals

K. A. Mistry and I. B. Patel

(1617-1620) Optical Studies of Amino acids doped Ammonium Dihydrogen Phosphate (ADP) crystals for NLO Applications

R.N.Shaikh, S.R. Mitkar, Mohd Anis, Mahendra D.Shirsat and S.S.Hussaini

(1621-1623) Characterisation of LCMO perovskites employing ultrasonic studies

M.Arunachalam, P.Thamilmaran, S.Sankarrajan and K. Sakthipandi 

(1624-1626) Investigations on Growth and Electrical, Thermal, Mechanical and non-Linear Properties of Vanillin

S. Radhakrishnan, D. Jayaraman,D. Kalaivani and D. Anbuselvi

(1627-1629) In-Situ Study of the Influence of Paracetamol on the Nucleation behaviour and Accelerated Crystal growth rates of Metastable α Glycine

K. Renuka Devi and K. Srinivasan

(1630-1632) Crystallization of Metastable Orthorhombic Paracetamol by Specially Designed Seeding Technique

C. Sudha and K. Srinivasan

(1633-1636) Hexagonal BaTiO3 (h-BaTiO3) Single Crystal growth by Optical Floating zone technique

 G.Murugesan, R. Nithya and S. Kalainathan

(1637-1639) A Report on the Synthesis, Growth and Structural aspects of DPCI single crystals

A.Pugazhenthi, A.Baskaran, K.Showrilu, A.Shihabuddeen Syed, D.L. Delphin, K.Rajarajan

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